Triscy Rants: Originality and Linearity

GDiNews:"When Triscy has something scratching at his head, he'll occasionally just vent it out. Triscy rants about various subjects, and this time he talks about why he wants more linear games and original concepts in games."

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Kratoscar20082310d ago (Edited 2310d ago )

Spoiled brat making rants, he wants linearity and games to be like books, to hell with him, go read a book and dont play videogames then, the player must ALWAYS have control on how the story developes even if little.

FFXIII, tried this and failed misseraby and it showed you must never take control from the player.

Triscy2310d ago (Edited 2310d ago )

I agree. I believe video games should give players control.

I also disagree. I feel that linear games are still fun as well. My point on linearity is story progression, not gameplay. A game where you can't fuck up in your own way isn't a game. I just want to feel an attachment to the main character, and thus I want the game to tell THEIR story, not my version of their story.

I don't want games to be books. If they were, I'd never touch 'em; I don't like reading books. I prefer comics. What I'm saying is mostly that I don't feel everyone should make games that branch off every single possible way unless the character your playing as is YOUR CHARACTER that you name and customize to look how you want. I also want games to have more original settings.

Games I'd consider linear that are very well loved:

The Mario games(including Mario 64)
Legend of Zelda games
Gears of War
Call of Duty
Even Assassin's Creed is a linear story to me, and that's very open world.

I'll admit this: I made this article when I was really out of it. I felt after I wrote it that it wasn't actually putting my points across properly. I'm planning to possibly write something new to tack onto the end of it, explaining myself a bit more. I won't delete the article; that's just running away from my mistakes. I will defend myself, though.

Kratoscar20082310d ago

Videogames arent like other art mediums where the final product must reflect the vision of its creator only they must also appeal to people because videogames are both art and entertaiment.

I will take FFXIII as an example: The game had been created solely based on storytelling and on the vision of the team with their mindset "it becomes difficult to tell a compelling story when you give too much control to the player", and it shows in the game where gameplay was added just because its a videogame and had the FF name so it had to have some rpg elements. I wouldnt had a problem if it were a completely different game but it was FF and the most hyped of the series after FF7 and in the end we had a game envisioned as the creators wanted on some extend but we had a mediocre FF tittle, people that see games as a way to tell a story were okay but the average player and most FF fans didnt enjoy it because in the end is the gameplay what really matters to them and me.

In P4 case the game lives up to the wish of the creators and not on the players like you imply. The series are created based on that the character is you the player instead of the other way around, and so thats why they use a silent protagonist because they want to create a game where you can fill the role and enjoy a different kind of immersion, when the next Persona comes with a personality type MC then you can truly say that the creators didnt create the game as they envisioned but to appeal to the gamers, and i enjoy very much they concept because thats the kind of immersion i want, i choose how the story develope they not give me a fixed name so the desicion is entirely up to me, they dont give the MC a personality because is up to me to how he will act. For relate porpuses you have the other playable characters, to fill porpuses is the MC.

In the end it comes to preference when you play a game, wheter you seek story more than gameplay or the other way around. But for me a game has to live up to my spectations first and then the creators because thats how the videogame entertaiment works, im not opposed to heavy story games, im looking forward to play Heavy Rain because the narrative looks great and i like the desicion making of the game but i want my favorite games to offer me gameplay and then story, and more importantly CONTROL.