OXCGN’s The Secret World Review: A secret best kept or shared?


"Funcom has created an interesting MMORPG with a difference; you aren’t a medieval warrior, ranger or mage and you aren’t a sci-fi space captain."

gaminoz4333d ago

If only I had a powerful gaming rig!

rdgneoz34333d ago

Seeing as the writer doesn't mention what he has for a rig besides "pretty good", you probably don't need an insanely good one to run it.

Btw, the specs from amazon to run it at min:

NVIDIA 8800 Series 512 VRAM or RADEON HD3850 512MB or better
2.6 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo or equivalent AMD CPU
At least 2GB RAM for Windows XP / 3GB RAM for Vista and Windows 7

If he's having to run it on low, he probably has around that, and that was "pretty good" several years ago. If he has a lot better, then he might want to see about virus / spyware programs.

BadCircuit4333d ago

This looks quite cool.

I've heard it is pretty hard though and the PvP needs work.


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PapaBop2500d ago

The Secret World has an amazing setting, this could be great if it's done well.


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