Hard Reset - Kingdom Hearts 3DS Review

Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance has finally launched stateside and I could not get to Gamestop any faster. The Kingdom Hearts series has been one of my favorite since the first game and I’ve stuck with it through the ups and downs. As a fan, I’ve seen merit in every title but I understand when a game doesn’t have too much going for it. For instance, the gameplay in KH: Chain of Memories was god awful and while 358/2 Days impressed me with its ability to bring the KH world down to a smaller scale, it was not a particularly good game. So going into Dream Drop Distance, I had high hopes but tried to temper them by remembering that it was still only a 3DS title and I shouldn’t expect console like quality from it. Imagine my surprise when I dove into the game and was greeted with the most worthy successor to the Kingdom Hearts title to date.

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