Which Kingdom Hearts games should you play

Kingdom Hearts has exploded. While Kingdom Hearts III is only the third game in the trilogy, it is one of many titles that rounds out the series' lore. It is a lot to take in, and people might not have time to go through all of it. Fortunately, Michibiku's guide is here to help! To help better illustrate what is going on and what people should be playing, here is the full timeline going through when every game happens and if someone should watch or play through each one.

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Muigi853d ago

1/2, Birth by Sleep, and Dream drop distance skip the rest.

Double_O_Revan853d ago

Chain of Memories and 358/2 have a lot of important stuff that lead into KH2. Otherwise you'll be Really lost at beginning of 2. You can easily find a videos of all the cutscenes of both games so you dont have to play through them all the way.

Pyrofire95852d ago

Wouldn't actually say Chains is necessary before going into 2 since you know just as much as Sora. While I do like a lot from 358/2, aside from a few things it's mostly world/character building Days came out after 2 anyway and would take a lot of mystery away. Maybe I'm just trying to simulate how I experienced the story but in that case I actually started playing 2 first lol. Cutscenes should be sufficient for sure.

Pyrofire95852d ago

I'd through 0.2 in there as well just cause it's so short and has a decent amount of information. What the hell did Mickey mean?