The PEGI ratings system change: Will it work?

Following the news that the PEGI video games rating system is now legally enforceable in the UK, Planet Ivy asks whether the move will actually have an effect on the amount of children playing games that are suited to their age.

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WeskerChildReborned2270d ago

Umm it doesn't seem like it would. All is says is Pegi and some numbers but kids will still play games that are not intended for them.

andrewsqual2270d ago

PEGI has more then the age ratings. Parents ask what they are all the time. When you tell a parent that Saints Row 3 has the sex logo on it for 2 reasons. When you tell them you chase down people in the street with a baseball bat sized dildo, you are telling them its violent and sexual. It hilarious how many people comment on this when they don't have a fucking clue
Here, , go educate yourselves.

JDW2270d ago

Parents must take an interest in their children, understand what games they are playing and decide if they are comfortable with the content.

Many times, I have seen parents knowingly allow their children to play games with questionable content.

Parents must take responsibility for what their children are exposed to....and not rely on external organisations to guide them.