UK Parliament's DCMS Committee Recommends Loot Boxes to be Classified as Gambling by PEGI

A DCMS (Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport) committee from the UK's House of Commons has recommended loot boxes to be properly classified as gambling by PEGI.

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744d ago
Cobra951744d ago (Edited 744d ago )

If the currency used for them can in any way be obtained with real money, absolutely it's real gambling. Otherwise, it's simulated gambling. In that case, the game should get a PEGI 15 rating, rather than Adult (for real gambling). NBA 2K20, featuring casino games with real money involved, has a PEGI 3 rating. That's right--toddlers can gamble now.

KyRo744d ago

Our Government in the UK can't get much right at all at the moment but this is something I hope gets brought up again. I don't agree with MT but at least you know what you're buying if you are into that stuff. Loot boxes on the other hand are toxic to gaming. They need removing.

SenorFartCushion744d ago

They need removing, then the loot boxes


xTonyMontana744d ago (Edited 744d ago )

Our PM can't couldn't even sort his bedhead out for years let alone run a country.

Relientk77744d ago (Edited 744d ago )

Please label them as gambling, that's literally what they are.

TengHu743d ago

I agree but what do we get out of it if it’s classified as gambling? Games like Call of Duty will still be Rated M or PEGI 18. What’s the end game here?

xTonyMontana744d ago (Edited 744d ago )

This is great news... too bad it can't be discussed in Parliament as they've been gagged by our Government and unelected Prime Minister while they stop embarrassing themselves.

Cobra951744d ago

You'll feel better after you're out from under the EU's jackboot.

CaptainCook744d ago

We don't elect a Prime Minister, we elect the Party.

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