What is going on with PEGI’s age rating system?

Steve C talks about the PEGI rating system. Taking a particular look at Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and how they appear to have a different approach to movie ratings.

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FlyingFoxy662d ago (Edited 662d ago )

16 PEGI rated anime games = soft core pr0n with censorship

15 rated anime series for DVD/Bluray = soft core pr0n without censorship. Baffles me how many of them aren't rated 18.. they obviously not for kids with all the adult content in them.

sagapo662d ago

What baffles me even more is how often parents let their kids play pegi rated 18 games and then complain how violent a game is, totally neglecting the pegi rating in the first place.

drizzom660d ago

This so much. Why do we have to deal with the consequences of their bad parenting?

william_cade662d ago

Gambling is for all ages according to PEGI. It's all BS.

VTKC662d ago

Pay them enough money and they will give your game age rating as for everyone?

Tross659d ago (Edited 659d ago )

Honestly, the fact that different mediums have different rating systems, which are overseen by different organizations, is the reason why ratings for content can be and often are inconsistent, and that is true no matter where in the world you are. It also seems to be the case that videogame rating boards tend to be more sensitive about certain content than other with mediums, although there seems to be a lot more sensitivity as of late across the board in regard to which content is appropriate for what audiences.