David Jaffe wants to make another Twisted Metal

Twisted Metal creative director David Jaffe has explained why he feels this year’s reboot of his car combat series was a success, and why he’d like to return for another serving some day.

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HelloHowAreYou2362d ago

That's nice and all, but why not just expand on the current Twisted Metal we have now? Add in dlc or some expansions and that should extend the long life cycle of the game from what it already is right now.

If this isn't confirmed from Jaffe himself, than I won't believe it. Than I can say this misinformation yet again on gaming journalism.

Jaffe might be a little emotional, but I don't think he's stupid enough to want to make another game.

nevin12362d ago

Actually the current Twisted Metal was orginally build to be PSN only. A start from scratch is better and should release during the PS4 launch period.