Top 10 Higher-Profile PSP Games You Need to Download for PS Vita

GameDynamo - "Those who say the PlayStation Portable was failure are only referring to its expectations, not its actual sales. Sony's entry into the handheld business didn't unseat Nintendo's portable throne, but it still solid over 70 million units worldwide, and it amassed a wide library of high-quality games. Many of those games are playable as digital downloads for the PS Vita, where they benefit greatly from the new portable's features - most notably the larger screen, the improved resolution, and the second analog stick. If you aren't satisfied with the Vita's launch library, take a look at Sony's back catalog... here are ten modern classics to get you started!"

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3281d ago
PoSTedUP3281d ago

deff agree with peace walker being #1. and deff agree with LCS being in there instead of Vice city stories.
i need to check out dissidia012. but i highly recommend Persona3 Portable, it's just so good.

dorron3281d ago

I'm missing Crisis Core in there...

Capt-FuzzyPants3281d ago

I don't think it's downloadable.

Rampaged Death3281d ago

How did P3P not make the list ? I'm playing through it for the first time and it's brilliant. It's way better than anything out for the Vita right now. Can't wait for Golden at the end of the year.

fOrlOnhOpe573281d ago

Just a few of a number of great titles to be found on the PSP and all given a new lease of life on Vita primarily due to the second stick.

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