Top 6 Skyrim Fan Songs

There are endless songs, covers and parodies inspired by Bethesda’s latest epic RPG. We’ve trawled the internet to bring together some of our favourites from the past year. Expect a heady mix of silliness, as well as a couple of songs that will undoubtedly blow you away. Welcome to PopBucket's Top 6: Skyrim Fan Songs.

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rob853292d ago

Skyrim is one of very few exception when we are talking about good music in WRPg.But as a long time RPG gamer I don't find the list of songs is as good or any special as those from Bard's tale series,baldur's gate,Chrono and classic FF series.

Hanuman3292d ago

'Legends of the frost' IMO is the best piece of gaming music since the choir-song from the first Medal of Honor.


JamesSterling873292d ago

It is fantastic. It's a song I always think of when I'm up in the mountain regions chasing those Frost Trolls.

Argonian3285d ago

Age of agression is the best song!!! im a stormcloak and hate imperials but the age of agression is a awesome song