Three Games the Single Players Should Look out for in August

Where has the time gone? Can you believe we're almost at August already? Well believe it! So you may have missed out on the Steam Summer Sales, perhaps bored of playing your current video games and looking for something new? Well Only Single Player has news for you and we have some great titles coming up in August that you may want to look into.

JellyJelly4232d ago

Personally I'm looking forward to Deadlight, the XBLA game.

guitarded774232d ago

Yeah, I'm looking forward to Deadlight too... and Ragnarok Odyssey.

r214232d ago

me too, that game looks awesome :D sidescrolling adventure but with zombies!

TopDudeMan4232d ago

NSMB2 is gonna be awesome. I'm also gonna be checking out sleeping dogs, too.

Adexus4232d ago

I'll be getting Sleeping Dogs and Darksiders, pretty awesome month.

Wingsfan244232d ago

August is just the start of our wallets demise haha.

DigitalRaptor4232d ago

Sleeping Dogs for sure. I hope that game does well - Square and United Front deserve it.

Darksiders II, maybe once I've finished the first one.

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Nobodyreally100d ago (Edited 100d ago )

watching the video is better then going through 31 pages of gamingbolt.

LG_Fox_Brazil100d ago

Do they explain in the video why there are two numbers 3? Starfield and Tears of the Kingdom?

xeniate94d ago

It's always refreshing to see games embracing the streaming community.