The Amazing Spider-Man: The Video Game Review (Proven Gamer)

Many gamers feel Beenox studios revitalized the Spider-Man video game franchise. Utilizing linear storyline games (Shattered Dimensions and Edge of Time), Spider-Man games were able to focus on story, combat and add intense moves that make the friendly neighborhood Spider-man great. So when Beenox studios worked on an open world mechanic game for the movie tie-in, did the end result turn into a flop or something as cool as Beenox previous titles?

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WeskerChildReborned2737d ago

Fun game, i love it. My personal score would be a 7.5

MySwordIsHeavenly2737d ago

Amazing game. My only gripe is that the combat system and web slinging aren't quite as fun as they were in Web of Shadows. It was so fluid in that game!

WitWolfy2737d ago

This game is AMAZING! Finished it yesterday and best Spider-Man game I've played in YEARS!

rpd1232737d ago

I thought it was a great game. I'd give it an 8 out of 10. The only thing I would change is the combat. It was too derivative of Arkham Asylum. I like it when punch, kick, and web all have a different button and you can use combos and stuff. It's more challenging that way.

WitWolfy2737d ago

liked the idea they didnt use the actors voice this time around, but rather the original Spidey voice from the cartoon