Resident Evil 6: Five Steps to Saving the Franchise

"Capcom’s latest addition to the Resident Evil franchise has been met with more hate than love, especially since the release of the widely disappointing demo. To put it gently, many of the older fans are outright pissed. Others (including myself) are rolling with the series as it changes, because there’s no denying how much it really has changed. In a last ditch attempt to help get the news out there, I’ve complied five steps Capcom can make to keep the series interesting and dig further back into it’s roots."

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Them_Bones2307d ago

Sack all employees working on it and hire Shinji Mikami back.

samiahm2307d ago

I feel like the series is helpless without shinji. It's not really resident evil without him.

StarFox2307d ago

sorry but im gonna have to with bringing back hideki kamiya back. re2 was by far the best re. with all due respect to shinji, hes the part of the reason why reisdent evil is the way it is now. thanks to re4 of course.

dorgaorfa2307d ago

Shinji, in my opinion, is a god of the gaming community thanks to what he's done :D

WeskerChildReborned2307d ago

Umm make it survival horror again? That's all it really needs to make the fans happy.

CLOUD19832307d ago

There is not RE w/o Mikami the same way FF die after Sagakuchi left the same way SH die when Team Silent disband, w/o the original creator on boarb what u expect guys some ppl r irreplaceable, the only thing we can do atm is w8 for Zwei.

8bit_Nes_Rambo2307d ago

The only man that can rescue this burning heap of a franchise is Mikami.

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The story is too old to be commented.