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zambrota4386d ago

60 players online. 8 player coop

super realistic graphics




decapitator4386d ago (Edited 4385d ago )

These are most certainly beautiful. Wow, look at the polygon count on that Chimera with the armor on. Very impressive stuff going on there. Now all that is left is an official video and we are all set.

EDIT: Added my personaly favorite.

C_SoL4386d ago (Edited 4386d ago )

this looks hella good & it ain't even polished up yet...

EDIT:Does anybody know if alot of people play the map packs they released for R:FOM

zambrota4386d ago

just look at the lighting and that damn grass


decapitator4386d ago

It looks absolutely amazing. Imagine if the grass and other things moved when touched like in crysis. That would just be just about the coolest thing yet. Am more hyped for this game than I was before. Wow.

rofldings4385d ago (Edited 4385d ago )

No bots to be found in this thread. Just disagrees. :]

All that's needed now is an official announcement of Crysis coming to PS3 and my bank account will reach -$59.99 :(

Next fight confirmed: Resistance 2 vs Gears of Wars 2; Gays of War has zero chance now that Insomniac has their grip on the PS3 (Though I will still play GaysOW on PC when it is released).

n_n4385d ago

simply beautiful eye candy! insomniac is dropping something nuclear soon

cmrbe4385d ago

Decapitor. There is no question that they have completely outdone themselves this time. And the game is at least 6-9 months away :):).

hazeblaze4385d ago

The most amazing thing about these screenshots is that they're the same ones from the magazine... and in the article Insomniac emphasized the fact that they have been focusing fully on gameplay and have not started to "pretty up the game yet"! Can you imagine how good this game is going to look once they've began to focus attention on polishing up the graphics!!!

sonarus4385d ago

look at the difference between the visuals in resistance 1 and 2. I mean that jst shows how much power is left untapped in ps3. The game hasnt even been polished yet and it already looks good. Then lets not forget the fact that its going to be running on an updated version of insomniacs engine which last ran and 60fps and insomniac themselves said all their games after ratchet would run at 60fps. Not confirmation that it will be locked at 60fps but insomniac did say all their games running on their engine would run at 60fps

Pain4385d ago

2nd gen PS3 titles Oh My!! 360 can only dream!

masterg4385d ago

Can anyone confirm that this is In-game shots?
I'm not saying it's not it's just unbelievebly beautiful.

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i_like_ff74386d ago

I wanna kill some chimera now!

MailMan4385d ago

Oh well,at least they've got UNDERTOW...aha ha HA!

Jump OUT and Play B3YOND,January 28th=DOOMSDAY for Xbots.

Coffin874385d ago

maybe you gonna hate me now, .. what's happening on january 28th??

Sevir044386d ago

i cant wait till they show this off at GDC with their SPU presentation as well. amazing Insomniac has officially lost it they are essencially the best devs ever. ^^ awesome stuff

zambrota4386d ago

I think Resistance 2 might even become the biggest game of 2008.

But whatever it is the fight will be among mgs4,ff13,kz2,r2 and

4 games all of them being ps3 exclusive will fight for GOTY crown in 2008

amazing feat indeed

hazeblaze4385d ago

actually it seems to be pre-alpha! they have finished the single player level designs but have not molded each level together into a complete game yet... the lead dev said that they were focusing only on gameplay at this point & how the levels tie in to the story... they haven't even began to focus on polishing graphics or playtesting the game as a whole yet... still have nearly a year in development!

Coffin874385d ago

your list is very true, but you forgot one game: gta iv.

PR0NE4385d ago

GTA4 is going to compete against MAFIA 2, and when comparing them GTA 4 looks like cartoons, i am not bashing gta, i played every iteration of it but i don't think it has what it takes to be GOTY unless they do smth revolutionary with the game,,, now i am hyped RESISTANCE 2 AND MAFIA 2, 2 GREAT GAMES FTW

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MK_Red4386d ago

Incredibly awesome find. The game looks sick and we all know how innovative and crazy Insomniac gets with it's sequels (Anyone remember how mindblowing R&C: Up Your Arsenal was?).

TheHater4385d ago

I do. I stayed up all night play R&C: UYA. That game was one of the best i ever played

MK_Red4385d ago

Ture. The game was a blast. I haven't gotten a PS3 so couldn't play R&CF: TOD but if Up Your Arsenal is any indicating, R2 could indeed go way beyond the original.