BioWare Teases First Mass Effect 3 Campaign DLC

Loud Mouthed Gamers: "For those of us who weren’t at Comic Con, BioWare released a recording of the entire panel which can be found below. In it, they discuss the motivation behind the Extended Cut, the latest Earth multiplayer DLC, and answer some of the fan’s questions. However, most noteworthy is how they choose to end the panel, with a single screenshot."

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tigertron2741d ago

Is this the Retake Omega DLC perhaps?

TotalSynthesisX2741d ago

I'd hope so, but I don't recall Omega having any sort of ocean...

tigertron2741d ago

Maybe Aria has a giant swimming pool?

exsturminator012741d ago

It's the Leviathan DLC; the script leaked a few weeks ago and they mention a submarine.

Megaton2740d ago

Don't think so, but that's definitely coming. It was cut from the game.

Information Minister2741d ago

The first Mass Effect 3 campaign DLC already exists. It's called "From Ashes".

TotalSynthesisX2741d ago

That was more or less a paid, on-disc unlockable rather than DLC. The only "DLC" part of From Ashes was the raw code that unlocks it on the disc.

Aloren2741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )


The character model was on the disk as a placeholder for technical reasons. They did the exact same thing for Zaeed and Kasumi in ME2.

Just cause you figure out how to see a model ingame doesn't mean you get the mission, weapon, skins for squadmates, and voice acting that come with it in the DLC...

FrightfulActions2740d ago

@Information Minister
Thank you for pointing that out, funny the author didn't realize that.

Thanks, pretty much sums up exactly what I wanted to say to Lurid. Bubble to you.

TekoIie2741d ago

Is that underwater? A leviathan is usually used to describe a whale so this just adds extra confirmation to it being true.

Looks interesting and if it can rival LOTSB or The Arrival dlc for ME2 i will definitely buy it.

InTheLab2741d ago

Pass. Not interested in playing through the campaign again. Beat it twice for the platinum and haven't touch the sp since. That's a first for the series. 6 completions of ME1, 4 for ME2, and 2 for ME3 which was mostly trophy cleanup. The game is just a bore to play through thanks to how much they railroad you into playing how they want you to. The game is much too linear for a Mass Effect.

TekoIie2740d ago

"Completed it twice for the platinum"

If you played ME1 and 2 why are you playing ME3 on PS3 without importing a character? Not importing saves completely ruins the experience.

InTheLab2740d ago

Xbox died and there's no gamepad support for PC, so I bought ME2 for PS3. And ME2 for PS3 does a good job matching the decisions I've made from ME1 with it's interactive comic.

Mythicninja2740d ago

What? Do we get new love interest options with harbinger after the war? GIVE ME THAT BIG METAL TENTACLE HARBY, OoOoOoOoOo

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