God of War team has 'pulled back' from violence against women

Viewed on a timeline, the God of War series is basically the story of a man becoming a remorseless murder machine. The stage demonstration at E3 was particularly graphic, showing off Kratos going full Hannibal by ripping out a monster's brains. This was the partial inspiration for some developers reacting to the violence trend at the show this year.

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user54670072309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

So Kratos could rip a mortal man apart or a man in general but a women in any form is a big no no

Tad sexist don't you think in both ways...

Don't see why it's ok to show a man getting killed or beaten up but for women you have to watch when you step...

and I thought most women like the idea of equality and being treat no differen't to men. Seems we have the opposite here.

It's a hack and slah game where a guy beats the crap out of his enemies....male, human.

-Mika-2309d ago

Your logic is seriousley flawed. Yes we want to be treated equally but we don't want to be treated equally. We wanted to be treated equally in the workforce or in general respect. Not being treated exactly like a male. I personally think it sick that a person would want to see a femaled harmed cruelly in any way.

Anyway I think this is a great thing. In GOW3 there was a part in the game where you had to use Poseidon princess as a key to get through a door. She was innocent and was not a threat to kratos in any way and he just killed her in a cruel way. I really did not like that part of the game and im glad they're pulling back from this. Also if you don't know the scene im talking about. Here the link to the video below.

user54670072309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )


-Mika-, it's a game not real life.

"I personally think it sick that a person would want to see a femaled harmed cruelly in any way"

Now was there any need for that, don't twist my words I never said anything like that in my comment.

The princess was just a throw a way minor character with no use. Kratos left her, the crank loosened and it killed her...Kratos didn't kill her himself, he just left her because she wasn't important and the worst happened. Kratos has always done that, I remeber the first game when Kratos had to get the key from the captain for the captains quatars, once he got the key he let go of the captain and he went down the Hydras throat to his death.

"I didn't come here for you"

Why should violence against women be "pulled back", it's a video game...think of all the womens heads you've blown off in Fallout in VATs, all the women you've ran over in GTA or maybe the all the times you've chainsawed Anya/Samantha/Bernie in half on Gears of War 3s online.

Jeez...I guess some women just can't handle that huh. I bet if it was a Poseidon Prince you wouldn't give a crap if he died or not.

Bottom line is if can't handle it, don't play it...simple, but all people should be treat equaly, if you can kill men or attack them violently in videogames you should have no problem when doing it if the character is female.

SeekDev2309d ago

It's too limiting to exclude women as enemies (or killable beings) in video games. Kratos murdered his wife and kid (a young girl) by accident, that's quite saddening.

It has a point though, it's what caused his anger toward Ares for tricking him. To have the player feel further sadness for Kratos they could have allowed us to play that scene out, it would have had a greater emotional effect on the player. God of War is an M rated game, so there's no reason why something like that is out of the question. But that's an example of how killing women in games is necessary, and in fact, not any different from killing a man -- what if the wife were a husband and Kratos a female ;)

TheSaint2309d ago

'Your logic is seriousley flawed. Yes we want to be treated equally but we don't want to be treated equally'

Actually this logic is seriously flawed.

You can't have it one way and not the other, you either get treated equally or not. You don't get to decide in which areas you'd like equal treatment.

helghast1022309d ago

"We wanted to be treated equally in the workforce or in general respect. Not being treated exactly like a male."
"We want the pros, but not the cons"

Fuck you

Bathyj2309d ago

So women want to be treated the same as men, yet treated special too? Right, gotcha.

I agree with Mike, treating someone different because of their sex is the very definition of sexism.

ChipChipperson2309d ago

When you say someone's logic is seriously flawed, how about explaining what it is that is flawed?
"Yes we want to be treated equally but we don't want to be treated equally." You just pointed how your own logic was flawed. You can't say women want to be treated as equals, but really don't want to be equal because by that logic, you don't want equal rights, you want more rights.

" I personally think it sick that a person would want to see a femaled harmed cruelly in any way." I don't disagree with you there. Getting pleasure out of seeing a female getting beaten,raped,etc. is horrible, BUT like MikeCosgrove just said, it's a video game. It is fiction. The developers aren't advocating violence against women. You can't have these double standards. If women can't be shown falling victim to violence, then why is it alright for men to fall victim to it?

h311rais3r2309d ago

Yea women should be treated equal. That includes physical jobs. Firefighters and policemen NEED to be able to life a certain amount and perform a certain physical way but when women physically can't perform in certain ways you come crying and screaming sexism. I'm sorry but a 115lb lady can not carry a 250lb man out of a burning building. That's 2 lives at risk. If the woman can prove that she can all the power to her. But in general women are not physically built for those types of jobs. Again if she can then yes hire her.

God I hate people like you. "give me all te rights that men have and more!" makes me sick to be honest. It's a proven fact men and women are better at certain things however if one or the other proves the self capable then there should not be a problem.

On topic this is stupid. It's sexist not to include them and only have men die.

hulk_bash19872309d ago

I understand your logic, flawed as it may be. But you have to understand they're just video games, they are not real. To me, women should never be beaten up or abused in any way physically but that only applies to the real world.

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WeskerChildReborned2309d ago

Exactly, it shouldn't matter what gender you are.

joab7772309d ago

Women don't want across the board equality and neither do men. It's ridiculous. We are different creatures with our own strengths and weaknesses. Because for so long women's strengths havnt been held up by society for their importance and necessity, many groups have gone wayyyyy overboard to get what they want and it has had many negative side effects. It's an unfortunate situation because now gender identity has been flipped or muddled in an absurd fashion under the umbrella of relativism.

As far as GoW, it's good to know that hitting women remains unacceptable. Though, havnt many women died from floods etc? I really don't have a problem with violence in the right context. It is a part of life and history, as well as historical myths and stories.

SPAM-FRITTER-1232309d ago

A Pimp Named Slick Back won't be happy with this.

rezzah2308d ago

They want social equality, but even if they ask for biological equality it will have to be up to their biological makeup.

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BitbyDeath2309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

So we won't be seeing any Sirens in this game or do they not count as 'women'?

EDIT: Just read - 'Mortal women'

Well that's different then, their will likely be no need for it anyway.

GuyManDude2308d ago

I'm wondering if it will tie in with the plot at all, or if it's just a decision they made. After killing his wife and daughter, Kratos could have vowed not to hurt another mortal woman again, only to snap and not give a fudge later in the series.

I doubt that's the case, but that would be interesting.

AgreeFairy2309d ago

I knew this God of War would suck from the beginning. This just confirms it.

Lots of franchises died this gen...

Tomb Raider
Resident Evil
The "Tales of" franchise
Street Fighter
Dead or Alive
Virtua Fighter
Final Fantasy

The list goes on & on. Next-gen might as well be all about new IPs otherwise console gaming is dead.

Whitefeather2309d ago

Only DMC, Final Fantasy and Resident Evil became bad. I haven't played and Tales of Games so I can't judge that. The rest became better.

Sgt_Slaughter2309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

Have you even play ANY of the "Tales of" games this generation? Vespiria, Grace f, Symphonia 2, etc. were all very kick ass!

DEATHxTHExKIDx2309d ago

Once Again Over exaggerated hate on the XIII series, I"ll admit XIV a pretty big flop. Tales are u serious Vesperia, Graces, and Xilla are great.

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Mr Tretton2309d ago

The best art, is non-conformist.

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