Naughty Dog Interview: Home Integration, SPE Usage, and More writes:

"Recently we were given the opportunity to ask Naughty Dog, the creators of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, some interview questions. Here are the results."

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ForROME4384d ago

Nice to see when people dont complain and just decide to make a good product and see it through right, then you have whats called

Positive Results, some other developers that I wont mention should take note.

Amagai Shuusuke4384d ago

The two that see the PS3
as a superior machine and
push it to its limits while
also providing an excellent gaming
experience. Can't wait to hear
about the next title from ND.

Bubble Buddy4384d ago

Bubble up for you dude. Naught Dog and Insomniac are Sony's One-Two punch =P.

heyheyhey4384d ago

don't forget team ICO, quantic dream, sucker punch, sony santa monica (of GOW fame) and many tohers

Muff1nB4k3r4384d ago

It's no longer a one-two punch... it's a chained super combo! like in tekken XP

WilliamRLBaker4384d ago

lol naughty dog pushed the ps3 to its limits? lol lets hope to hell uncharted isn't the ps3's limits if so then thats sad....
cause gears of war 2 is rumored to be 2 times bigger then gears 1 and using the unreal 4.5 engine lol.

Bathyj4384d ago

What a shock.

William feels threatened and so once again must lash out like a pre-pubescent girl with a little tantrum.

Tell me why you belong in this thread, or whats the good of you at all for that matter?

PS3 isnt even close to its limits. 30% I believe was the number that got all you bots rilled up when they said how much they used. Xbox is the only machine already near its peak, and that is to say near 100% and therefore will not improve much more. Deal with in.

Bebedora4384d ago

Team ICO or not, Insomniac and ND is my YES I WILL GET A PS3 TODAY guys.

derseb4383d ago


it will run on unreal engine 3.5. they just develop it, because 3.0 doesn't run well on PS3. so don't expect big improvements on 360!

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heyheyhey4384d ago (Edited 4384d ago )

a nice bitesize read

although i would have thought that allocating each SPU to do a specific task (graphics, physics, AI) would have worked better

but i will never disagree with Naughty Dog, they are sony's second best (just behind insomniac)


thanks, that was very informative

but don't you think that in the future, some very technically demanding games (like crysis) could benefit from a one-SPU-for-each-task method because then if you could have a whole SPU allocated to the amazing graphics, you wouldn't get framerate stutters and such and the SPU's would never be idle because the game demands a lot

i may be seriously wrong, what do you think?

Ju4384d ago

Not necessarily faster. You might execute a small portion of you want extremely fast, but the SPU would ilde around afterwards (e.g. if you need to do some rendering on a per frame base, timecritical, but only at a specific moment). Now, that idle time would be wasted. What one could do is, to run non time critical stuff (well, not so time critical stuff) in those holes. That's what they call load balancing. This allows you to run even more on the SPU and imagine, you only have 6 of them. You might have more then 6 tasks to split across the SPUs, though.

I think they might have invented some low overhead preemptive scheduling for SPUs. Cooperative scheduling was there before, e.g. the first libspe (under Linux), later, the libspe2 supported/supports pseudo-preemptive scheduling. I am not sure if the have a full time based scheduler, usually that would defeat the purpose of the SPU, you want to have deterministic timing. That's why "pseudo", but say, if you have a task list, and the task would signal done, the next would be scheduled automatically. Kind of that way.

I have no idea what they are using, but I'd guess they are running such a minimalistic SPU kernel. If you define a minimum stackframe and code streaming, a context switch should be reasonable fast.

Bebedora4384d ago

I've heard some about that. But when it comes to parallellize tasks, I cannot stop thinking about complexity around 6 of those capable of it, and those co-op with eachothers. Not necesarily at once, but in

What I am trying to say, is that, the architecture is more powerfull than the metall in it self. That is how I have come to understand it.

Mc1874384d ago

You truly get out what you put in.

Nykamari4384d ago

Incognito the one whom created a perfect and epic online game "WarHawk". They did very impressive job with that game. I hope they make Warhawk2 with those airships, more planes, tnaks, jeeps, hovercrafts, and twoseater bikes, that will be awsome. Ohh and a online story mode with atleast 64 players. Peace(Kaos)Nykamari

heyheyhey4384d ago

oh yeah i forgot about those.... what are they making now anyways, or have they not yet announced anything?

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