Battlefield 4 means no new Xbox or PS4 in 2013.

While everyone is talking about how much they want to play Battlefield 4, it's announcement today by EA has big ramifications on when next generation game systems like the next Xbox or Playstation 4 will release.

Check out the full story for more details on how Battlefield 4's beta reveal means there will be no new consoles from Microsoft or Sony in 2013.

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Abash2284d ago

What a baseless article, who says that the game wont get PS3/360 versions AND PS4/720 versions?

Looking for hits

TekoIie2284d ago

Did EA even confirm which consoles that BF4 would be on?

kneon2284d ago

Who says that every big game will release on the and PS4 in the early days after release.

The PS3 and 360 will by that time likely have a combined install base well north of 160 million. Is it worth the effort to release on the next gen consoles when they will likely have less than a 30 million combined install base?

Many developers will decide it's worth it but don't be surprised when some games don't make it to the new consoles in their first year of release.

Codeman4202284d ago

@Pekolie Agreed since its going thru Origin ONly its PC BEta only right now. It would be nice however for it to be a Launch Title for the next generation of consoles by both companies.

jeseth2283d ago

I know right?

As soon as I knew Madden 14 would be out I knew there would be no PS4 or 720 .... what a moron!

da_2pacalypse2283d ago

Isn't the beta exclusive to PC? So doesn't that technically mean the opposite that this article is referring to?

BuLLDoG9092283d ago

its probably a next gen title.
In an interview leading up to bf3, or maybe just after it released. They were talking about how frostbite 3 was designed for next gen and they only scaled it back for current gen bf3.

This could very well be a next gen title,

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Reverent2284d ago

Besides, wouldn't Battlefield 4 be perfect for next gen? How does it even make sense that it would be released on this gen's consoles? What a dumb article.

doogiebear2284d ago

Still, it's unlikely a PS4 or 360 is coming next year. They usually announce things like that in Spring, or at E3 in the summer. Then need a year to prepare and build up hype. The earliest I can see it being is 2014, considering there was not even a hint of the PS3 or 360 slowing down at this years E3, nor a mention of next gen consoles/games.

I don't like it either, but there's still some juice left in the PS3. The 360 however, needs more exclusives. Maybe that's why so many Xbox guys are even more weary of the current gen than the PS3 guys.

Microsoft needs to give current customers a reason to stick things through with the 360, if their not at least gonna give them the 720 in coming months.

green2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

That is not true. The Xbox 360 was announced at a special MTV show organised by microsoft a few days before E3 2005 and was released fall the same year.

Hdz542283d ago

The fact that so many big titles are slated for release in the first half of 2013 is a major hint that the new consoles are coming in the Fall. Publishers are likely scrambling to get their games out before they drown in all the hype of next gen. This would be the first time this gen that a Gears of War or a Naughty Dog title came out in Q1. I wonder why..

Regarding BF4, DICE had stated at some point that BF3/Frostbite 2 was originally designed for next gen. I'd predict that BF4 will be released across current AND next gen titles next year.

ThatsGaming2284d ago

exactly... There are too many studios going dark for there not to be a new console next year.

lpc2283d ago

LUN pay charay sub kuch mujay sirf achi game chahiye

Abdou232283d ago

It's only logical to say it's coming for next-gen consoles.

sonic9892283d ago

they could release the game as easy as that
because this game has nothing to do with sony's or microsof's strategy ( like duuh we should wait until every big game that is not even first party to release then we make our move loooool ) this scenario is called (no strategy at all )

showtimefolks2283d ago

even though EA has said nothing about which system it will come out on my guess is there won't be a ps4,xbox720 in fall 2013

both ps3 and xbox360 are still 250-300 bucks so unless both system get a 100-150 price drop with in the next 12 months its not happening

i have always said and believed that fall 2014 is when we will see new systems and i am sticking with it

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Cra2yey32284d ago

This game might have just single handedly killed the hype and expectation of next gen consoles at E3 next year. EA sells 15 million copies taking a chunk of CoD's fan base and don't know how to act.

dubt722284d ago

Who says the beta won't be on the next gen consoles?

mynd2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

Frostbite 2 says it will.

"Yeah, I'll be honest with you -- Frostbite 2 was built for the next generation,"

EA told CVG at E3 this month it's working on "three to five" original next-gen games. We wonder how many are running on Frostbite 2.

stevenhiggster2284d ago

Has there been any mention that it will be on current gen consoles? No, I haven't seen any mention. It is only mentioned on Origin so really only the PC version has been confirmed.
I'm gonna say it, I reckon BF4 will be PC only and then released on next gen consoles when they arrive.

demetreHG2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

Live with it there isn't any new next-Gen consoles coming anytime soon and I am very please with that !!

Try more like 2014 late reveal -2015 !!!

And please spare me if your going to quote those rubish leaked documents , there isn't any need for new consoles yet

Just buy the WII U hahahahahha

( disagree all you want the truth hurts sometimes lmao )

BattleTorn2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

As much as I want to simply bash you for being happy that next-gen consoles aren't coming anytime soon, I have a more relavent question: Don't you think that MS/Sony would be giving Nintendo too much a head start, if they were to wait until Holiday 2014?

Tonester9252284d ago

The Wii had nothing going for it anymore. It was time for them to announce a new console to get ON PAR with the PS3 and XBOX 360.

The PS3 and XBOX 360 still have so much power that they can use.

All you guys want is better graphics so you can try and brag to the PC gamers.

demetreHG2284d ago

Lmao please spare me from your worthless bashing , what the would they even be worried about .What you think Nintendo got any chance with wii u to dominate the market hahahahhahaa no a chance in hell !!

There glory days of nintendo gaming are coming to a slow end and WII ain't there to save them this time

Plus Your talking about Ms/Sony they won't be bringing any next-gen consoles before really late 2014 or 2015 ( they will reveal at E3 next year tibits just to make the whiners happy , but there wont be any next-gen console besides the wii u coming soon !!

NO Next_gen !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yay

_-EDMIX-_2283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

LOL. Wii gen? EA has talked about BF3 being on Wii not sure where this BF4 being on Wii U came from. it's even funnier because the wii u specs technically if it was a pc would barely play battlefield 3 on medium. LOL. if 4 is even made on the wii u expect it to be the worst version next to the PS3 and 360 version.

look up Wii U's specs and Google its GPU followed by BF3 to get some "clarity" on the matter.

GuyManDude2284d ago

I've been saying it for months: new consoles will launch Fall 2014. Here's what I hope happens:

PC beta - Fall 2013
PC release - Spring 2014 (2.5 years after BF3)
Console release - Nov/Dec 2014 (on next gen consoles)

That's plenty of time between games, and we'd get BF4 at launch. Fingers crossed.

secretcode2283d ago

I'm thinking Early 2014, at the VERY earliest. 2013 would probably be the whole mass reveal thing at E3/TGS leading up to the hyping of the systems in 2014.

Granted this is all baseless speculation and hasn't been verified or researched in any manner, so honestly I have no damn clue.

shadow27972283d ago

Can I quote this and use it later?

My prediction: MS launches their next system late 2013
Sony launches Spring 2014

MS is clearly ready for the next-gen. You can tell by their attitude. A lot of MS's studios have been really quiet, they're likely working on next-gen titles for the console's launch.

Sony's a bit harder to figure out, but I can't see them letting MS get another full year head start this time.

mynameisEvil2283d ago

Agreed. That full year has had those two neck and neck for most of this generation. Sony isn't going to let that happen again, I assure you.

We already know Ready at Dawn's making a next-gen third-person action-adventure game (why do I suspect something... God of War-like?), Guerrilla's working on two titles, one of which is Killzone 4, Naughty Dog has the entire team of Uncharted doing something, and Insomniac must be doing another game besides R&C: Full Frontal Assault. Evolution Studios is probably making another MotorStorm, MediaMolecule is likely making another game as well.

I can't imagine the PS4 not having a great launch lineup.

_-EDMIX-_2283d ago

Naughty dog is working on the last of us....

besides the studios you mentioned sony has a handful studios which haven't shown anything for a while which I believe they are working on launch titles.

ChunkyLover532284d ago

No, it means it is the perfect time to release the game on current hardware and next generation hardware.

I think EA probably saw that Activision was going to release a COD game on PS3/PS4, Xbox 360/720 and the Wii U + PC. That is far too big a pie for Activision to eat alone.

Judging by how lame E3 was this past year, new consoles are coming next year. Which is why we haven't seen any games pushed far back into 2013, all the key games are releasing before the big E3 reveals.

BattleTorn2284d ago

In addition, DICE has said that Frostbite 2 was made with Next-gen hardware in mind. That, and they've managed to optimize it for current hardware too, as seen in BF3.

So, it may work out well for them, as they'll have a very good engine that will allow them to port the game on both next, and current, gen hardware.

slaton242284d ago

bf4 will not be this gen and next gen...because people who buy it this gen will not buy it again for the next gen

ChunkyLover532284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

Keep in mind that not everyone adopts early with new console releases. There are like close to 70 million Xbox 360's and PS3's in the world. A lot of those people will probably buy a Battlefield 4, but early adopters of next generation will probably be lured by it as well.

Imagine the next gen versions offering 60fps and 64 man online or something along those lines? Makes sense to offer both, because we are going to see less and less current gen games released in the holiday months due to the release of new hardware and software.

Hopefully you were kidding? There were some decent things shown at E3, but overall there were absolutely no surprises and very few new offerings. I thought it was one of the worst E3's I've seen in a long, long time. It might have surpassed the 2005/2006 E3's.

CGI-Quality2284d ago

While I agree that new consoles (besides the Wii U) are likely for next year, I don't think this year's E3 proves such (especially since this year's E3 showed plenty of great content for current gen proving it is very much alive).

OT: Battlefield 4 could easily release as a dual gen title.

CGI-Quality2284d ago

No, not kidding. What you may / may not have liked (and / or been surprised by) is irrelevant to what I said. There was plenty of content showing this gen still has life left in it.

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