Respawn's Debut Shooter To Skip 2013? 'No Comment' - EA

NowGamer: With Battlefield 4 confirmed for 2013, will Call of Duty creators' new IP arrive in 2014 for next-gen?

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Feckles2284d ago

Figures, but it makes sense for Respawn to be working on next-gen, if not exclusively then on a game that's cross-gen.

rickybadman2284d ago

Respawn said they want to make another "AAA blockbuster" but only like has 55-60 people working on the game right now. Until they go on a hiring blitz, no one should get excited about a possible release. This game is like 2-3 years away.

skyward2284d ago

Plus they have to build the tech, art, world etc. - and add new features. Sounds next-gen to me.

R_aVe_N2284d ago

I think Respawns titles with be a next gen thing I would not bank on it releasing next year.

KMCROC542284d ago

But what if the Next gen systems release next year , do they put off to following year or do they rush it. seeing most houses have most likely received a NG kit .

R_aVe_N2284d ago

I think they are out to prove themselves on this title so I don't think they will rush anything.