A note from Laura Miele, President of EA Entertainment and Technology

Laura Miele writes:

"[Re: Respawn] ... we have decided to pivot away from early development on a Star Wars FPS Action game to focus our efforts on new projects based on our owned brands while providing support for existing games."

"[Re: Battlefield Studios] ... we immediately appointed leadership at Criterion to oversee our single-player work. As part of this change, we'll be winding down Ridgeline as a standalone studio in Seattle, with some team members joining Ripple Effect. They'll continue to work with teams across DICE, Ripple, and Criterion as they build the next Battlefield experience."

"[Re Mobile] ... we have brought together the mobile and HD franchise teams under singular leadership across EA SPORTS FC, Madden NFL, and The Sims. The next step is setting up our standalone mobile portfolio for growth. Over the past few weeks, we have announced we are sunsetting Kim Kardashian Hollywood, Lord of the Rings, Tap Sports Baseball, and F1 Mobile."

SimpleSlave48d ago

If true, then VERY smart move by EA. No one wanted this game. No one at all. I mean, a possibly First Person Titanfall like game starting the Mandalorian??? PFFT!!! As if...MID!!!

EA Sports - There is no Game!

LeShin48d ago

@SimpleSlave sorry mate but looking at you dislikes, seems some people are still not versed in the art of sarcasm...

But yeah I agree with you.

SimpleSlave47d ago

No worries. It's oddly entertaining to see people get mad for no reason. Especially when the sarcasm is pretty obvious.

But how does it go over people's head like that? Now that's a good question.

Jin_Sakai48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

EA has to be one of most idiotic publishers out there along with Ubisoft. These heads have no idea what they’re doing.

Tacoboto48d ago

And just a week ago we were excited for a Mandalorian FPS. And more job losses - 1500 industry workers in just Sony and EA alone this week so far. Terrible news after terrible news.

RaidenBlack48d ago

They cancelled the most anticipated EA game from Respawn devs?
Are you ******* kidding me ?!

RhinoGamer8848d ago

Addendum, with all these changes (not mistakes) that resulted in over 1k layoffs since last March, the Executive team will not be receiving a 40% salary bonus in 2024. That is now reduced to 38%.

LeShin48d ago

lol oh those poor executives...

LordoftheCritics48d ago

EA: We were making a game that ppl wanted and realized we could make a worse game and make more money.

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CDbiggen14h ago

Still waiting on a proper direct. I can't think of anything coming out this year for switch.