Layoffs Hit Respawn Entertainment as Game Industry Faces Changes

Respawn Entertainment faces major layoffs as part of an industry-wide trend, impacting key titles like Apex Legends and Star Wars Jedi.

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just_looken69d ago

"Game Industry Faces Changes"

So true we went from dozens and dozens of game makers in the ps1-3 era with so many playstation games to this crap gen.

Game companies went from millionaires to billionaires but still act like they are homeless if a game makes a few million its a disaster of apocalyptic proportions now.

I fired up the ps5 the other day say dragons dogma 2 for $93 cad regular version just a yep sure do not even get the full game $33 more than the last game new a version that was full but i paid like $13 for the first game.

I can see gta 6 getting a ubisoft chart of version's in which it will cost you hundreds to get the full experience.

Blad3runner0069d ago (Edited 69d ago )

Greed greed greed

They act like they are losing money.
One year they make 40 million
Next year they make 37 million

Instead of looking at that and saying “We made 37 million year 2”, they look at it and say “We lost 3 million year 2. Time to make layoffs”

Greedy Companies & Shareholders

just_looken69d ago

exactly except they are basing it off of covid days.

They are making billions yet cry when it close to the million mark

Embracer had a 4% growth yes mass layoffs and all that but 12 billion? so what they could not survive on 8ish billion if they kept all those jobs.

Fishy Fingers69d ago (Edited 69d ago )

I mean thats business isnt it, share holders get less on their return than last year. New investers see a downward trend. Projections are cut.

Its rainbows and sunshine to celebrate the positives (yay 37mil), but if you took 7.5% drop of youre income next year would you be thankful or look to find a positive?

Not saying its cool, just saying thats life, in every industry.

MetalGearsofWar68d ago

We are the cause of the current state of the industry.

Kiryu199269d ago

Gaming industry has grown so much and so fast that way too many suits got involved who don’t understand the business. Unless a company is private geeed will be next level. It’s not longer about hobby and developers being gamers themselves

Now it’s about AAA games costing $200-$300 million. We went from a lot of mid size developers and publishers to now having AAA or indies

RhinoGamer8869d ago

As always, not seeing any VP+ departures or sacrifices (aka no bonus this year). Great deal...

ChasterMies68d ago

It’s clear to me that these industry wide layoffs are because the game makers expect AI to do this work for less. Companies that are not struggling and not seeing lower sales are laying people off. It’s not market driven.

outsider162468d ago

This! I've said this before. All these mass layoffs and in droves too. All to do with AI. They won't admit it. But it's cutting them costs. I mean even for a simple thing such as art they're taking over.

Matpan69d ago

SImple greed. When Share holders interest come first than company goals is when everything starts going south. Companies forget what they started business for... to do games, to make movies, to build hardware. to bring something to the endo consumer. Sure, profit is to be had in exchange, after all it is a business. No one is denying that.

But when profit becomes the end all be all... this starts to happen. Companies cut costs, they look at less than stellar earnings as total failure, they fire people, they lower the quality of their product. And, in the long run, they hurt their reputation.

I guess it´s OK as long as shareholders made their projected earnings, what do they care for long term health of their investments... right?

The lack of long erm vision is nerve wrecking. This tendenc of maximizing revenue above all and shareholder worship is literally killing entire industries.

Games, movies... at the end of the day the worst that will happen is people say: this game sucks. And sadly, people get fired. But damn... plane and car manufacturers do the same with far more dire end results... cost cutting and cutthroat business practices where they have no place.

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Cacabunga1h ago

I hope Bluepoint are working on BB remake..
Sony now seem to have lost it with all the gaas, i have no hope in seeing them approaching FS to make a sequel. I hope gamers will push Sony and show continuous disapproval to the gaas model

Cacabunga47m ago

U probably right about the remake it is maybe too early. A performance mode would be more welcome at this point

-Foxtrot3m ago

I don’t know how to feel, Armored Core just isn’t as good as Elden Ring, Dark Souls, Bloodborne and the like.

I hope he does a new IP instead


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Hugodastrevas1d 1h ago

That should please everyone I'm sure...

RpgSama11h ago(Edited 11h ago)

Feudal Japan DEI LGBTQ+ Samurai, sounds very accurate for the time period. Surely a decision made only with historical accuracy in mind.

Crows9011h ago

Or even modern day accuracy.....

Lexreborn210h ago

You have no idea what you are talking about, bet you didn’t know nobunaga was bi-sexual. Or ran maru his is often depicted as androgynous was a “beautiful boy”.

So yeah, feudal Japan had tons of lgbtq and kawaii enough… A BLACK SAMURAI! All without the need of offending a Caucasian because the world is diverse.

VenomUK9h ago(Edited 9h ago)

This story has cracked me up so much! Bravo Ubisoft, bravo! 🤣. So last week everyone was upset that in the long-awaited first Assassin’s Creed: Japan game the protagonist is black. But NOW he is also LGBTQ+ ! It’s like the Ubisoft creative team sat around a table and said “How can we best impress our Kotaku/IGN/Polygon friends and antagonise gamers? Let’s make it woke x 100!’ And then they all silent clapped!

Just you wait until the Star Wars: Outlaws details come out, there better not be anybody complaining about Kay Vess’ dating preferences and the gay droid armies.

Christopher9h ago

It actually is.

Japanese were very Greek in their sexual experiences.

lodossrage9h ago

Lexreborn2 is right

Go read up on Japan's feudal era homosexuality and bisexuality was a very common thing in that time.

I just have to laugh because the same people complaining about this are the same ones crying about wanting "historical accuracy". When it's clear most of the whiners don't even know history themselves.

Christopher8h ago(Edited 8h ago)

Facts don't care about downvotes, btw. You either claim to understand historical accuracy or you just admit you don't like the stuff people did throughout history.