Free Kinect game Mars Rover Landing from NASA

Eurogamer writes: NASA has launched the freely-downloadable Mars Rover Landing mini-game for Kinect.

The boffins behind Curiosity, the latest real-life Martian mission, have teamed up with indie studio Smoking Gun Interactive to develop the simulation.

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Kran2284d ago

Now we can go see if that rock figure was just a rock....... :P

SPAM-FRITTER-1232284d ago

hope full kinect support comes to win7. not getting windows8 so will have to wait and see.

this game looks cool.

SPAM-FRITTER-1232284d ago

apparently someone doesn't like free games.

ChunkyLover532284d ago

I guess so, but this is the second free game I've gotten in as many weeks. As a Kinect owner I got Haunt for free the other week, now I get this one. Its actually quite fun, and I'm not going to pass up 200 easy Gamerscore.

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