Starting The Mass Effect Series Now

If you start the Mass Effect series right now, would it still impact you? After all the articles, spoilers, and news over the years, would you still be able to enjoy it? Travis Freese of explores this question.

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MagicAccent2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

Played the first two, but lost my saves in between installs, so I'm doing a full playthrough for the first time, and I'm still 99% spoiler free on ME3.

It's pretty exciting actually to go on a non stop galaxy saving spree spanning 3 games.

Going to do the same with the Witcher shortly after :)

V1ncent1Zer02275d ago

Regardless of the flawed ending in ME3 the trilogy as a whole is still enjoyable gaming experience to lose oneself in. Sure the notion of choice is an illusion, but then all entertainment is some form of illusion or other. Some will have fallen out of love with it, some will come back to it.