“Saw” Writers Working On God Of War Movie

There are a lot of things wrong with movies based on video games, the biggest problem is the writing. Often times, Hollywood butchers the games we love (Prince of Persia, Super Mario Bros., anything Uwe Boll is involved with). The hope that the upcoming God of War movie won’t be a train wreck, just depleted as the writers of the last four Saw movies (Saw 3d, Saw VI, Saw V, Saw IV) have just been signed on to rewrite the screenplay for the movie.

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VanillaBear2341d ago (Edited 2341d ago )

The SAW writters, even the ones that didn't write the first one which was the best.



Are you sh*tting me...thats the best they could hire

Oh my god I feel like Hollywood want video game movies to fail.

wishingW3L2341d ago

at least they share the same background of graphic violence. It could have been way worse, they could have hired Uwe Boll!

guitarded772341d ago (Edited 2341d ago )

I'd like Ridley Scott to do a God of War movie. I think he could tell the story and grasp the ultra-violence of the series. He could capture the darkness of it.

Unexpecta2341d ago

This is gonna be a complete fail. Oh come on? The SAW writers are working on the GoW movie? Talk about fucking random. If anything, they shoulda got the 300 writers to make it.

Nimblest-Assassin2341d ago (Edited 2341d ago )

well honestly I feel like what hollywood does with video game movies, is just a quick cash grab... no respect to the story, no respect to any of the original writers, they just make a half assed movies

Ex: The resident evil movies, and prince of persia

I mean look at the last re movie, they essentially took crap from every game and just put them together. This new one, looks like a god damn sony commercial

Thats why i hate whenever there are talks about video game movies, because hollywood obviously doesn't care. Name one good video game movie... I dare you

You can't.... video game movies have been doomed since that abortion known as the mario bros movie

The only decent sounding one is the Assassin's creed movie (not because im a fan).. but because ubisoft is independantly developing it so they don't lose creative control, and now that fassbender has locked himself down... it sounds promising... but I need to see something to actually be excited for it

JBSleek2341d ago

When will they learn that video game adaptions to the big screen just don't work and we hear about writers and directors and then it doesn't work and if it does it is just horribly made and then the gamers complain they weren't true to the character or other stuff.

WeskerChildReborned2341d ago

It's cause it seem's like the people who direct the films don't even really know much of the character.

VanillaBear2341d ago

or they bullcrap us that they do

Paul W.S Anderson is a good one...he says he has played the games but it's quite obvious with his films that he most likely watches clips of the games and decides to throw them in his next film

Like the Executioner in RE Afterlife...he was just put there in a scene so Alice had someone to fight. The only thing Paul does right is the costumes the characters wear.

Look at Neil Burger, he says he's played Uncharted but when talking about it he dosen't seem like he knows what he#s talking about. He never refrences any characters or scenes.

WeskerChildReborned2341d ago

@VanillaBear, i wan't some actual people who know the games to direct the films.

Moncole2341d ago

People like money and they want money.

sypher2341d ago

So not the original Saw writers/creators of James Wan and Leigh Whannell but the hacks which continued the Saw story into oblivion? :( that's not a good sign.

Cajun Chicken2341d ago

Argh, this is going to b screwed up.

deletingthis346753342341d ago

Never going to watch this. Ever. Video game movies are terrible and chances are this one will be no different.

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