Lost: Via Domus First Gameplay Footage

1/24/08 - First gameplay from the Lost video game.

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OC_MurphysLaw5791d ago

I mean on the one hand it looks halfway decent...

BUT...given the fact that NOBODY knows what the he11 is going on with Lost to begin with I find it hard to believe they are going to let a video game spoil the ending of the show before its all done. And if that is the case...then whats the point of playing a game with a broken or incomplete ending to it?

I guess I will have to wait and see on this one....

Rama262855791d ago

If I remember correctly, I read in a previously posted preview that this game is based on the first two series, as when they started developing the game they hadn't started the third. So the game will likely be based loosely around the on-goings of those episodes and I'm sure they'll throw their own made up stuff in there too.

OC_MurphysLaw5791d ago

Man if that is true that makes me even less likely to want this game. So they are basing the game on the first two seasons? So...no real ending...no real resolution in terms of Lost. I suppose they will have some seperate story line that will intersect with the first two seasons ... but even still.... the same mysterys about the island should be present in the game for accuracy...and again I dont think they are going to answer any of those questions in this game.

So a cliff hanger ending is almost assured.

Rama262855791d ago

Yeah, I've found the preview. It's from Eurogamer and is a pretty good read. Regarding what I said earlier:

"Rather than simply retelling the events of the TV series, Lost opts to tell the story of an entirely new castaway - a passenger on the ill-fated flight who wakes up in the jungle along with everyone else, and has his own pathway through the story of the show. The story of the game covers the first two seasons of the series (with certain landmarks, such as the Flame Station, from Season 3 - "when we were making the game, they were just starting to film season three," explains the game's producer) but tells an entirely new story that only crosses over with the antics of the central characters at key points."


lonestarmt5790d ago

have you guys played find815? its pretty cool. Obviously its not going to have a ending. I bet is has some weird twist of fate ending like the episode expose. Doesn't mean its not going to be fun. I guess rachet and clank, halo 2, and gears of war sucked because it didn't wrap up.

Nostradamus5790d ago

Maybe the end of the game is you playing out that sequence, though we never saw how they did it.

They said there wouldnt be any spoilers as far as the upcoming seasons, but they will just go deeper into the mysteries that already bug us.

One week! Cant wait for the new season.

lonestarmt5790d ago

yup! can't wait! just sucks were only getting 8 episodes. damn writer strike better end fast. Anyway its cool because they are going to show more of the smoke monster and show that magnetic room in the hatch which they can't really touch on the show now ( since the hatch imploded)

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mighty_douche5790d ago

Chase a carrot for 20 hours only to be disappointed at the end... and thats just the show.

no thanks!

mikeslemonade5790d ago

I love the show so I can't wait to rent this game. They messed up on the kate character and now i'm pissed.

LeonSKennedy4Life5790d ago

The graphics just plain suck.

Can we just get Season 4 and forget this game exists?

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Looking back at 10 years of... Lost: Via Domus

Richard writes: "Lost will forever hold a place in TV history. Regarded as one of the greatest shows of all-time, it boasted the most expensive pilot episode ever and had a main cast of 14 characters, which was unheard of at the time it first aired back in 2004 – and a year later on British shores. 

It was bold and daring at the time and despite drawing to a conclusion nearly 8 years ago, nothing in my eyes has come close since. Naturally then, there were to be other forms of media for fans to engross themselves further in the mythology, and in 2008, at the height of the TV show's popularity, Lost: Via Domus was released on Xbox 360 on the 28th February in Europe."

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