Milo & Kate originally a controller game, scrapped because Lionhead needed money

Milo & Kate, Lionhead’s abandoned Kinect project, was designed “before we’d even heard of Kinect,” says creative director Gary Carr, who also explains why the project was eventually canned.

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Fishy Fingers2947d ago

Meh, nice idea, but to do on a client side, the hardware required would be years ahead of whats in a 360, or the more likely, server based responses, like Apples Siri or similar just wouldn't of managed to give that instant response that could kid you into thinking this was some sort of AI rather than a fancy search algorithm.

sjaakiejj2947d ago

Response time isn't why Siri is on a server, as that can be done just as quick on a local computer. It's the dataset that needs a lot of space, which phones don't have. I'd imagine it's more feasible on Xbox and Playstation.

HmongAmerican2947d ago

idea that never fully get it going. If not a FPS then it MS won't bother.

2947d ago
MasterD9192947d ago

Too many kinks to work out.