Lost: - Videogamer Hands-On 'recreated with considerable beauty'

It's not the story that will get gamers snapping up copies of the game, rather the game's ability to deliver a believable interactive Lost experience. Ubisoft Montreal has certainly made a commendable effort. The island deserves a special mention having been recreated with considerable beauty. The ensemble cast are also all very impressive looking.

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pornflakes5110d ago

This game looks pretty good! Looks like uncharted.

KidMakeshift5110d ago

Hopefully, it'll make up for the crap that was season 3

lonestarmt5109d ago

Whatever, did you watch the whole season 3? prob not after they got back from the break and escaped from the hydra. It got super good again. Who is jacob? why is ben afraid of Locke? will sawyer revert to James ford after killing the real sawyer or go back to his ways? Are sawyer and KAte together? Will sun die? who will get off the island? Who was in the coffin? Why does JAck want to get back to the island?

KidMakeshift5109d ago (Edited 5109d ago )

Disagree with me all you want. Season 3 was just a prolonged piece of crap focusing on the 4 lamest characters (Jack, Kate, Ben, Juliet) and tapered by a lame finally

Yes, I've seen every episode. I also hate "Heroes." That show is p1ss poor

lonestarmt5109d ago (Edited 5109d ago )

heroes is actually good. or should I say it was. The first season was great, but with a lame finale. Season 2 just re did all of season 1 storylines really.

The finally of season 3 is awesome! What the hell man you are to hard to please. You saw walt again. They finally make contact off the island and the whole flash forwad thing was genius. The simple fact that you think Ben is lame is unfounded. 99% of lost fans all think he is one of the most interesting and creepy characters on the show. Is your life that boring that you watch every episode of show you think is piss poor and a piece of crap? lol

zenkai5110d ago

Very impressive! I hope that this game bring adventure quality of Beyond Good and Evil.

Xeikon5110d ago

So what happens in this game? do they hang a carrot in front of you for 50 hours only to disappoint at the end?

lonestarmt5109d ago

right..... this show is about mysteries. When ever one is finished they start another one. Its not a damn movie. You can't just answer the main questions on why they are there and what the island is. What show would they have? If it did people would be bored. If you watch the show every week, you realize they answer a lot of questions, just not the main big one. The show is like a jigsaw puzzle and all the pieces are overlapped and in different times even. We will get the last piece at the end then combined with all the answers from other season will make everything come to together. Its extremely deep show i don't execpt everyone to get it. lol.

UKnowY5110d ago

The show still has 2 seasons left of 16 eps each so how can they have the game conclude when the show hasnt?
Alternate endings or what?

lonestarmt5109d ago

"In true Lost fashion the story will be slowly revealed over the course of the ten hours, with the game's success likely to rest on the player's need to discover why Elliot was on Flight 815 and why he is important to the Others"

I think thats clear enough. Obviously they are not going to answer big island questions. Its going to end this guy story arc. What true lost fans will tell you, the myhos of the show is deep and involving, but the show really is about the characters around that.

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The story is too old to be commented.