The Amazing Spider-man Game Review [Frost Magazine]

Junior Smart of Frost magazine writes 'Listening to the critics of Edge of Time and looking at the efforts put into what some would say the ‘all too soon’ reboot of the Spider-man franchise Beenox knew they had to up their game. Mentality wise, they had to approach this just like Marvel Studios were going to approach the movie – it was going to be a one shot gun; they knew they were either going to re-energise the title or kill it. Restore the hope to millions of spidey fans, or destroy it.'

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Great game. Worth playing.

h311rais3r2396d ago

Aahhh yes. Playing it right now

guitarded772396d ago

It's been getting pretty good reviews and many gamers have been giving the game nods, so I guess I'll have to check it out. I have to wait for a price drop/sale because I'm broke, but it is definitely going on my must play list.

godzilla722396d ago

Yes indeed, awesome game!

fastNslowww2396d ago Show
vader12312312396d ago

How does this game compare to spiderman 2?

Rupee2396d ago

Game is fun for the first few hours and then it gets old really, really fast. The physics are ridiculous. Spider-man will do his web zip and then when the animation is done he'll inexplicably slow down even when you're web zipping straight down. The web rush mechanic is fun when you click the button but other than that it breaks the pacing of the game when you stop time to pick from one of many spiderman silhouettes. Web swinging takes NOSKILL whatsoever. I could go from one end to the other only using one hand while texting. The voice acting for spiderman was pretty good, otherwise everyone else was average or worse at times. The lip syncing was WAY off. The graphics for everything but spideys suit were sub-par. You hear the same lines HUNDREDS of times. The first few times arent that bad but eventually it is extremely annoying. The combat is the best part of the game. It's easy enought to attack and counter and was pretty fun. That being said, even that loses its fun after you fight the same enemies over and over. There's no variety to the side missions.

Web swinging was fun but the ridiculous physics and swinging from the clouds ruined it. Game could've been fun but the lack of variety in all aspects of the game kept me from having any fun. All this to say rent it before you buy it like I did.

gameswriter2395d ago

I agree with all the comments made so far, especially the lip syncing one which is true. having said that, there are some great set pieces and I really like the web-slinging especially when you have boss battles to fight above the city. I think many of the ideas Beenox brought to the table are great, if only they put in a bit more effort to avoid repetition the game would be even better.