Pach-Attack! PC Gaming Growth

Will PC ever eclipse console gaming? Plus, what will it mean for you if Microsoft dissolves the XBL currency?

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Outside_ofthe_Box3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

PC gaming will never eclipse or over take console gaming because consoles are designed specifically for gaming. The ease of use for consoles pleases gamers and casuals. You buy a game, put it into your console and that's it. No need to worry about if your console meets the minimum requirements. No need to worry if your PC is up to date.

On the developers side, they don't have to worry about their games getting pirated by pirating PC pricks. Yeah, devs have to worry about used games sales for console games, but at least those used games were bought at one point in time. Where as with piracy no purchase is ever involved.

All I'm saying is that PC gaming will NEVER over take consoles which is the truth. I hope PC elitist don't take it to heart..

WeskerChildReborned3873d ago

Consoles are just simpler and cheaper also not everyone cares about graphics or frame rates so casuals would most likely stick to consoles.

decrypt3873d ago

Consoles are not cheaper, Simpler yes Cheaper no.

You can build a 500usd PC that outperforms consoles, its even cheaper if you already have a PC since you only need a GPU then, also later on in the future upgrading the PC becomes cheaper as you wont need to rebuild everything when you do decide to upgrade. Later on games are alot cheaper on PC.

In the long run PC is always cheaper than consoles. Hell when this gen ends and all the games you bought on console this gen dont work next gen, that itself is a very big loss. In the long run its no contest PC is always cheaper.

TitanUp3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

some cod players seen me play bf3 on pc. they said if they could afford a gaming pc they wouldn't ever play cod again.

showed them pc they could get build for 500$ to 800$ to play on medium to high settings.

JEW_UNIT3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

You do realize that pirating isn't exclusive to the PC. It happens to every piece of tech. Iphone, X360, PS2/PS3, Wii ect...It doesn't matter. It's a widespread problem throughout entertainment (in general).

But as WeskerChildReborn mentioned, it's just easier for the average user to play games on. Personally, I went from consoles to PC (even though I still own a PS3, Vita/PSP, DS, and X360).

ATi_Elite3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

PC Gaming makes more money than 360/PS3 combined. Only when you add in Nintendo do the consoles over take the PC BUT annalist have said by 2014 the PC will make more money than all 3 combined.

Consoles get all the Hype so consolers think that the consoles rule but in reality the PC Gaming scene is where the money is at. Companies like Nexon, Zynga, Valve, and Blizzard all made over a Billion dollars EACH on just PC Gaming and without selling hardware.

Some Devs/Pubs prefer Consoles, some PC, some iPhone it's just a matter of choice but with no real need to Advertise, sell plastic boxes, or deal with a Retail middleman PC rakes in the cash in EVERY Country with Internet and not just a handful like consoles.

Here are some REAL numbers cause i ALWAYS back my stuff up with FACTS.

TitanUp3873d ago

less and less people are pirating these days. digital games and sales are helping out. the people who do pirate games usually buy the game during a sale anyways.

i haven't pirated a new game in a long time the last time i pirated a game was about 6 months ago it was 007 nightfire. remembered playing on gamecube and never knew it went to pc so i wanted to see what it was like.

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TooTall193873d ago

I can't wait to play OnLive again once I get easier a faster internet connection.

nofallouthero3873d ago

being a pc gamer does require some knowlege.
when i transferred from the ps3 to pc because of all the free games, mods and trainers they get, there was a lot i had to learn.
but now i dont think i could go back.