Michael Pachter Predicts PlayStation Will Not Exist In 10 Years

A prominent industry analyst has claimed that the PlayStation brand will cease to exist in the next ten years.

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darthv72446d ago

He speaks in code. Whatever he says is the opposite of what he really means. So expect PS to exist for another 20 years.

ABizzel1446d ago

I see his dementia is kicking in with his old age. Check him in somewhere he's losing it.

ThinkThink446d ago

Lol in the same podcast he says xbox is going away as well but nobody is running with that story. He's all over the place. He's like a shock jock for the gaming industry, only less reliable.

Eonjay446d ago

If he says ten, you can expect at least 100 lol.

Obscure_Observer446d ago (Edited 446d ago )


Yes. This Patcher guy will never give up. :/

From Shuhei Yoshida six years ago:

“Michael is fun to listen to, right? (laughs)[…]We look at all of these analyst reports, and every year, from the same company, the forecast changes hugely, because of the things that happen in the year before. They change their prediction dramatically.I don’t, you know, mind hearing something like that, because it’s so interesting… Consoles were announced dead for the longest time. Even at the time when PlayStation One was being worked on, some analyst said that PC games would dominate in the future and there would be no place for home consoles.Every time these things are proven wrong, and as long as we have passionate people wanting to continue to play on game consoles, we wll try hard to continue, and even make it bigger for the future.”

dumahim446d ago

I wonder if the price of PC component will actually drive up the console player numbers. That is, once they're not constantly sold out.

Extermin8or3_446d ago

Expect prices to remain high and shortages of consoles to remain a thing for foreseeable future.i mean it looks like we m8ght be on the verge of ww3...

FinalFantasyFanatic445d ago


Prices of PC parts tend to fluctuate alot, especially in today's climate, I don't think we'll see a huge difference in either player base due to shortages all round.

Palitera445d ago

“On the verge of ww3”
Dont go have nightmares with Russian baddies again, alright serial country invader wannabe? lol smh

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peppeaccardo446d ago

Gamers predict Michael Pachter will not exist in 5 years. :)

tehpees3446d ago

I am keeping my eye on this prediction seriously. He is much older.

RosweeSon446d ago

An industry expert who doesn’t know his arse from his elbow 🤦🏻‍♂️😜

FinalFantasyFanatic445d ago

An analyst who has never gotten anything right his entire career, especially the video game industry.

1Victor446d ago

Wait I thought he said PS3 was Sony last console
13 years ago 🤷🏿 🤦🏿

neutralgamer1992446d ago


This guy is pure stupidly funny

DarXyde446d ago

To be fair to this guy, a lot of what he says may come to pass if (big if) companies remained in a static trajectory (which they never do). He may be correct if companies remain the snapshot in time at the moment of his predictions, but he's very often wrong because he doesn't really observe context very well. It's all numbers to him and he doesn't really get the collective minds behind these industry companies.

However, I take issue with him as an analyst because some people may respond to his predictions with buying or selling stocks. Similar to Elon Musk's manipulation of Bitcoin, though that was intentional. In this regard, people may be shiftng their investment strategies based on what he said—acknowledging it as truth or running in the opposite direction.

He's never right in the real world, but that doesn't mean people aren't changing their behaviours in response to him either.

gamer7804446d ago

He meant to more PlayStation…. In Russia. He left that part out.

Jin_Sakai445d ago

Silly Pachter, April fools is next month.

TheEroica445d ago

Oh man... Pachter knows how to rally the Sony Defence Force like few others.

jznrpg445d ago

Sony doesn’t need a defense force … the games and hardware speak for themselves .

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zsquaresoff446d ago

What an absolute Idiot.
"A prominent industry analyst" is more like a dumba$$ making wild guesses and throwing sh*t on the wall and hoping it sticks.

Unknown_Gamer5794446d ago

I have to hand it to the guy. He has made a lucrative career out of stating his armchair opinions, and he doesn’t even need to be right. How does he do it? No one’s paying me to randomly state my thoughts.

TheColbertinator446d ago

I'd pay Pachter to shut up for once

FinalFantasyFanatic445d ago (Edited 445d ago )

I wish I could get paid well to say random shit without evidence or basis, I really have to question how he got as far as he has.

frostypants446d ago

But he takes the right people to dinner so his job security is rock solid.

FlavorLav01446d ago

I predict Michael Pachter predictions won’t be reported on in 10years.

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jonny897446d ago

So it will exist after 10 years.

Neonridr446d ago

100% guarantee to bet the opposite of what Pachter says.

446d ago
tehpees3446d ago

Note: he also flip flops his predictions often.

xfire446d ago

Michael Patcher is the weatherman of the video games industry

Nyxus446d ago

"When asked about how Sony will compete against the Xbox Game Pass during the RDX Podcast, he states that PlayStation is “doomed” and will pretty much cease to exist in the upcoming ten years. He further adds that this is due to the fact that Sony isn’t just a couple of years behind, but Xbox has gained an insurmountable lead instead."

What am I even reading?

VenomUK446d ago

I'm old enough to remember Michael Pachter from the PS3/360 generation when he used to appear as guest on Gametrailers. I enjoyed seeing him because he gave some insights into the corporate side of the industry, and he comes across as nice guy. But even back then he was sure that the PS3 would significantly fall behind Xbox. He professionally knew some of the people who worked at Xbox but not PlayStation. Then he predicted that Xbox One would decimate PS4! This was not based on data, or evidence, it was based on his BELIEF! He also has been negative about PS5 on a YouTube channel by some failed journalists.

There's nothing wrong with preferring one brand to another but if you are paid to give professional assessments and you're always getting it wrong then you're not the right person. I suspect part of Pachter's preferences come from his patriotism as he is of a generation where the Japanese were considered the 'bad guys'.

Nyxus446d ago

I also used to watch him on Gametrailers. But I can't understand how he would come to this conclusion if he's basing himself off data. So as you said, it's probably more of a personal belief (though I still don't get it).

porkChop446d ago

Yeah, I used to watch his show Pach Attack on GT. I do remember him saying that the next Xbox would beat PS, and personal preference could have played into that. But to be fair, Pachter wasn't the only one saying that. The PS360 era saw PS's market share cut in half, so a lot of people were predicting Xbox to take the next gen. As soon as they announced the Xbox One and its DRM though everyone changed their tune, they knew Xbox had made a massive mistake.

kneon446d ago


Many of us knew the 360 wasn't going to beat the PS3. It wasn't hard to figure out, they rushed to market with a machine that wasn't designed for HDTVs and only gained market share because they were the only new console for as much as 2 years in some regions. Buy once the PS3 launched there was no way the 360 could maintain enough momentum to stay ahead.

FinalFantasyFanatic445d ago


Both consoles had a rocky start, and the 360 was doing better for alot of that gen, but PS3 outsold it in the end, despite all of Sony's mistakes.

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Neonridr446d ago

games will all be in our heads by then :P

Ryushaa446d ago

Do you mean like a "Choose your own adventure" book?