Pachter: “Sony Making a Huge Strategic Error Abandoning E3…Dumb Strategy…Biggest Loser”

Michael Pachter isn't afraid to say what is on his mind, and on the latest episode of his AIFTD Games show Pachter Factor he lays into Sony for skipping E3.

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Jin_Sakai614d ago (Edited 614d ago )

“Pachter: “Sony Making a Huge Strategic Error Abandoning E3…Dumb Strategy…Biggest Loser”

He’s right. PS5 isn’t selling well. There’s no great exclusives. There’s no upcoming games to look forward to. All thanks to abandoning E3. What a disaster!

VenomUK614d ago (Edited 614d ago )

I remember first becoming aware of Michael Pachter from the Geoff Keighley show Bonus Round on Gametrailers. I’ve always found him to be interesting and entertaining, and he explained some of the business of how gaming companies operate. He was new to the gaming industry so there were big gaps in his knowledge and he had a natural bias to US companies. One thing that hasn’t changed over the years is he, like other regular guest Stephen Totilo, he always had a natural bias. He regularly would say Sony’s going to do badly and its competitor will do better!

His problem is he thinks it’s still the dark days of the early PS3 generation. He predicted Xbox One ‘would do gangbusters’ against PS4. Then every year in the early years of that generation he predicted a reversal.

As for E3, missing E3 didn’t hurt Sony in 2019. This year Microsoft has a good E3 and if Sony had a press event it wouldn’t have lessened the Xbox messaging.

UltraNova613d ago (Edited 613d ago )

Sony opting out of big industry events is a loss to them, not Sony. That said, not giving us those big reveals is also not a good thing as it helps hype their games and brand (I'll never forget GoW 2018's reveal) and let's be honest,10-20 minute ramdom State of plays doesn't cut it, for me at least.

I really hope those rumors wanting PSX return are true, I'd love to see an annual PS event were Sony goes all out to impress by having actual devs and execs come up on the stage to talk us through their games and plans for the near future.

As for Patcher, what can I say the guy is as irrelevant as they get these days.

Sonic-and-Crash613d ago (Edited 613d ago )

is this guy still "alive" ? lol (i mean in videogame industry world)

Sony is doing the best move to abandon E3 free money to managers , exhibitionist, advertisers, managers etcetc....and still people gets what they want-> big reveals of their best next projects in State of Plays

if i miss that hype and summer excitement of a big game event with reveals and trailers that all are competing betwenn themselves ??--yes i miss the thing a bit ....

but is ridiculous saying that Sony leaving its consumers in the cold or doing a bad move the contrary has fed us well with trailers ,gameplays, tons of games etc

VenomUK613d ago

@UltraNova. Sony not being at E3 and Sony not having a press event are two different issues.

This year's online E3 was an online event and I don't think Sony lost currency from staying away from what has been called the 'Worst E3 ever.'


As for Sony not having ANY press event... last year, many in the media were complaining that Sony is 'too quiet' and 'why doesn't it talk to us often as Microsoft' but the two companies have different media strategies it's just that Sony does thing its way and its not at the E3 timeline.

I'm leaning more towards the idea that Sony IS going to have a full press event (not a regular State of Play). It is now mid-July and Call of Duty hasn't been revealed yet, not even the next, next-gen version of GTA V and there's not likely to be any big surprises with that so it would have made sense to have the trailer drop by now unless it's being held back. And with Forspoken due for early 2022 a Sony conference would be a good stage to show all these off.

613d ago
Obscure_Observer613d ago


"This year's online E3 was an online event and I don't think Sony lost currency from staying away from what has been called the 'Worst E3 ever."

You posted an article from which dates to 2017 and some random dude crying on reddit about Take Two not revealing GTA VI and overall disappointment because his "steaks were high".

Lmao. What a rubbish.

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gamer7804614d ago

It’s not good for the long term skipping e3 all the time. It’s certainly no fun for the consumer

RaiderNation614d ago

99% of the console buying public doesn't even know what the hell E3 is. Get real. Sony skipping E3 only aggravates the media and the hardcore gamers which is a very small number of people. It changes nothing except it saves Sony a bundle from expenditures.

gamer7804613d ago

@raidernation so you agree then it isn’t fun for consumers who are aware. Those who are ignorant won’t care either way this a better negative.

Atticus_finch613d ago

Sony already said they would have more to Show before summers over. Let's be real Sony has the most upcoming 3rd, 2nd and 1st party games of any console. They have plenty to show.
And it's not easy for devs to have a working, good looking, playable demo early in development. That's why many publishers choose to do CGI. And let's not forget how lame CGI reveals are. At least to me.

RedDevils613d ago

@gamer7804 Funny an xbox fan worrying about what Sony do, irony.

613d ago
ScootaKuH613d ago

E3 is no fun for the consumer either.

WillyC009613d ago

This is so incredibly off the mark it’s not even funny, just clueless.

As a consumer, I couldn’t care less about E3. It’s been irrelevant to me for years and the showings from most who attend stink. It’s all fake hype, random celebs and zero substance. I’ll pass just like Sony is.

lancer613d ago (Edited 613d ago )

Sony doesn't need to show up at E3 to prove they can still provide the best games.

And Raider is right. Not a lot of people even know what E3 is. All they want to know is if the console has games.

RaiderNation613d ago (Edited 613d ago )


Do I agree that it frustrates me that Sony skips E3? Sure. Does it affect my love of PlayStation or my future buying habits with the platform? LOL, not even a little bit. It changes nothing in that regard and that is the reality for almost all gamers. Virtually no one out there is saying "Sony is skipping E3, therefore I am not supporting the platform." And the ones that are, they make up a number so infinitesimal that it doesn't even remotely move the needle in terms of sales.

I would also say that what is or isn't "fun" for the hardcore gamer in regards to Sony skipping E3 is completely insignificant and is not even remotely factored into Sony's decisions for the direction of the platform, nor should it be.

gamer7804613d ago

@raidernation it’s not insignificant many gamers, press and industry execs have talked about it. I would much prefer if Sony showed up. I also have all of the consoles, I play on Xbox the most. Then PlayStation and lastly switch. Looking forward to bayonetta and Babylon’s fall on those

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Seraphim614d ago (Edited 614d ago )

I agree w. Pachter. Only because I miss their presence and showcase. While E3 is no longer a trade show it's still a major event in the gaming world alongside TGS. Though I also understand why Sony doesn't necessarily need to or feel the need to attend E3 in this day in age. With internet availability and a shifting focus to [even E3 the past numerous years has been online] it's probably cheaper & makes more sense for them to just produce State of Play videos for games when Sony is ready to show them. Instead of putting together a show with games coming anywhere from 6 months from now to 2+ years. Or the infamous announce trailer 5+ years before a games release. However, I still missed not having Sony doing a presentation and will miss it in the future. 2 cents

GameZenith614d ago

What exclusives?

Horizon, GoW and GT7 are all PS4 games that are ported over to PS5.

Jin_Sakai613d ago

Exclusive that you won’t be playing on Xbox.

jznrpg613d ago (Edited 613d ago )

So every MS game isn’t exclusive then? Plus they haven’t released anything this year at all

JackBNimble613d ago (Edited 613d ago )

Don't worry I'm sure all will come to pc soon enough.

Oh and considering how big sim racing is on PC , I'm surprised GT series is already on pc.

Sonyboys have been saying that for years we're just playing your games now.

Wulfer613d ago (Edited 613d ago )

You know what E3 and Gamescom are right? It's not for you (well it wasn't in years past) its for developers to meet together in one place to talk about the future and even create / lockdown future deals. Yea, your right Sony should stay away from these shows you wouldn't want to give Nintendo or Microsoft more time to talk to all these companies that attend. Ooh you wanted Sony to stay home, oops.

Edit: WoW so many comments below and none of them know why these show's exist. Here's a hint it isn't for you! The conferences are for you, the shows are not for you!

majiebeast613d ago

Hey dumbass how do you meet during a digital event.....

bunt-custardly613d ago

Bit of a disingenuous response considering these events sell tickets to members of the public and have done for quite some time. It's how the organisers can recoup some of the millions it costs to host these things. Day one of these events is always buisness and press. The others are consumer. You are correct the events are for deals to be made and wares to be showcased but it's not all closed doors. These events generate a lot of hype/interest for products from the press and attendees alike.

Wulfer613d ago (Edited 613d ago )

(Didn't finish the post)

True fact: before 1995 E3 was never open to the public. I was able to go under business marketing to the Atlanta 1997 Show. (I miss those days) I was able to go once again (for marketing in 2002 at the LA convention show). Too bad you guys will never see what I saw those years! The shows of today pale in comparison and man did they give us a lot of stuff. The last day of E3, they just gave controllers, shirts, accessories etc.. away because they didn't want to pack things back up to send home. It was incredible. I had bags of stuff for 3 whole days. Still have some of that stuff. I have a Panzer Dragoon Orta logo pin on my desk as a reminder of those days. I bet those Pokémon balls are worth a pretty penny too now. Nintendo shot them out of a air cannon all over the Nintendo booth once an hour. Funny you could see masses of crowds running to the Nintendo booth at the end of every hour.

FinalFantasyFanatic613d ago

Considering that everyone is moving on to do their own online stream/presentations, I could see E3 completely dying off in the future, I'd be happy if the big 3 just had their own mini expos once or twice a year.

GameZenith613d ago (Edited 613d ago )

Again, what exclusives?

All of the big upcoming games you dont even need a PS5. Horizon FW, GoW2 and GT7 can all be played on the PS4.

"We believe in generations"

lancer613d ago

Should I day the same thing for Microsoft as well? What great amazing exclusives can I get that's not on PC?

jeromeface613d ago

it isn't selling well? funny... no one can find one in stock anywhere...

DeadlyFire613d ago

Ps5 actually is selling pretty well. There are plenty of upcoming games as well. Sony just hasn't revealed them yet. Sony needs to showcase them. Even when they were not at E3 at first they had a showcase every year. Why this year EA, Sony, Call of Duty all decide to do a much later showcase. Idk.. It's very odd.

Kaze88613d ago

Uhm what? Sony skipping E3 is dumb, yes...but wtf is the rest of that. PS5 is selling out, there are no consoles on the shops, because they sell is that not selling well? There's no great exclusives, uhm. Sony is the one that actually have exclusives and great ones at that (Spider man miles morales, Ratchet and clank rift apart, Demons souls remake, Returnal) when compared to xbox currently. The only and big reason why there is no upcoming games for Sony, since they skipped E3, that one you hit right on the nail.

Sony's new strategy seems like same strat as Nintendo, the difference is that now that Sony USA is in charge they think they can do what the fk they want. Though that could not be further from the truth, they have the lead yes, but they have more eyes on the now than ever before. This silent marketing, skipping well known/sought out events, pulling out on JP market, censoring the 3rd party but not their own games, demanding money for crossplay, telling people they believe in generations when they are doing the opposite, charging 10€ more from their games, charging from upgrades is getting out of hand. Could you even be more out of touch from the gaming communities?

Wulfer613d ago (Edited 613d ago )

Hmm take the advice of unknown internet posters or take your on experiences at E3 from marketing? Tough choice there. (majiebeast) I'll forgive your dumbass statement because you didn't have a chance in this fight.

CaptainHenry916613d ago (Edited 613d ago )

Microsoft and Bethesda made a error announcing a lot of their games. Most won't release until 2024-2025.

LordMaim612d ago

I was confused until I realized you were being sarcastic.

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Cockney614d ago

This guy is as irrelevant as e3 itself

Unknown_Gamer5794613d ago

There’s one thing I have to hand to the guy though. No one’s paying me for my armchair opinions. It seems that at least 99% of the time he’s either playing Captain Obvious, or way out to lunch. This is definitely one of those out to lunch times.

Yet, the guy somehow still has a career. I honestly don’t get it, but I suppose this world is full of things I don’t get. He doesn’t even need to be right. Seriously, what the heck?

Also, who thinks this guy’s thoughts are so great that they warrant so many articles? Who is the intended audience here?

Einhander1971613d ago

I agree who employs this guy and pays him.

SoulWarrior614d ago

This years E3 was one of the worst ever, not a big mistake at all, demand and sales prove that.

KillBill613d ago

They needed more white guy playing flute stuff?

SoulWarrior613d ago

I wasn't a huge fan of Sony's E3 2018 with it's slightly bizarre structure, part of me definitely missed their big conferences, but for me the last great E3 was probably 2016.

enkiduxiv613d ago (Edited 613d ago )

As goofy as it was, the 2018 Sony press conference was the best ever. I know its an unpopular take but think about it. Everyone hates the lack of game play in E3 trailers. That conference had massive gameplay trailers for Ghost of Tsushima, Death Stranding, Last of Us 2, Control, and Resident Evil 2 Remake.

Also, consider the quality of the games revealed. Even if you hate Death Stranding, everything else on that list is top notch. The only thing that was kind of lame in the end was Kingdom Hearts 3, Control and Re2 remake were game of the year contenders and they didn't even highlight the show. I would take another roster of games like that in exchange for a little flute playing any day.

EDIT: Oh, and Marvel's Spider-Man got its first big gameplay reveal there as well. All of the best Sony titles in the back half of the generation and several high quality third party titles were there and show substantial gameplay footage. What more could you want?

-Hermit-614d ago

Uh oh, Pachter's back.

Why does this guy's name get dropped so often? I honestly don't know a single person interested in the thoughts of Michael Pachter.

613d ago
IRetrouk614d ago

Highest revenue and profits ever in gaming....when was the last time playstation was at e3🤔
Seems e3 needed playstation more than playstation needed e3🤷‍♂️

NeoGamer232613d ago

I am not sure that high revenues, profits, being sold out, etc. are a measure of whether a company should attend industry trade shows.

When I look at it, I look at it from a brand building and gamer mind share perspective. From both those perspectives, I am not sure skipping is all that great of an idea.

Or.... Lets put the question this way.... By not attending did that help Sony get new sales from people looking at what console to buy, or by not attending did it help them convert Nintendo or XB fans to Sony? To me, not showing up did not help either of those scenarios.

IRetrouk613d ago (Edited 613d ago )

I didnt say it was did I? I simply pointed out that not being there hasn't had an effect, and it hasn't..... I'm all for e3 and other gaming events, I love them as a gamer, unfortunately, like it or not, e3 is not needed and does not hold influence or sway in consumers buying habits anymore, its a ghost of its former self, sony have not been at e3 for 3 years now, it hasn't affected them even slightly negatively, e3 needs playstation, not the other way around.

They have constantly been building their brand and gaming mindshare without e3 for 3 years now, the sales alone prove this, never mind all the views their state of plays and other videos get. E3 is not needed for this anymore, at all.

Would attending e3 have really changed the mind of a predominantly xbox or nintendo fan anymore than their state of plays? I don't think it would, their aim is to reach all gamers, not just a particular sub section or fanbase, their state of plays and other event videos pull in higher numbers than e3, so why do they need this particular trade show, the simple answer is they don't.

rakentaja613d ago (Edited 613d ago )

The highest revenue can by no means be a good indicator for user base. Sony is not willing to expand the Playstation as a brand and just collects money. For example, Microsoft is investing heavily in Game Pass, Azure technology and xCloud (play everywhere) to name a few and whatever is "Microsoft HoloLens".

IRetrouk612d ago

High revenue is a very good indicator of a solid, strong fanbase, what are you talking about lol?

So ps plus, ps now, and ghakai were nothing? What about Psvr? Stop while your ahead man, you talking crap and not making sense.