Rumortoid: Three new characters for Smash Bros. Brawl accidentally revealed

Last week, Smash Bros. DOJO!! revealed that stickers you collect in the single player campaign of Super Smash Bros. Brawl would act as power-ups when applied. However, the website may have inadvertently revealed something much, much bigger.

The stickers can be stuck to the bottom of a character's statue to grant that character certain powers in Subspace Emissary, the single player portion of the game. When viewing the stickers in your sticker book, the bottom of the screen shows what the sticker does and who the power is applied to.

Last week on the Japanese Wii web site, a preview video of Brawl was released. That preview though had been modified at some point so up until about an hour ago, the stickers segment showed Jigglypuff , Ness and a Pokemon known as Lucario as possible playable characters in Brawl.

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Odiah4832d ago

(That's not Ness, that's Pokemon trainer)

Intrepid4831d ago

If you look at it carefully, you'll see that when the Groudon (the big red Pokemon) is selected, the four following Playable Characters are shown: Pikachu, Pokemon Trainer, Lucario, and Jigglypuff. The Groudon sticker is compatable with all characters related to pokemon.

Next, the sticker of Lucas is selected. On the bottom, you can see Ness and Lucas. If you look carefully, Ness' eyes are long and hollow. Pokemon Trainer's are dots. The Lucas sticker is compatable with Earthbound/ Mother characters. It makes sense.

Blank10174832d ago

Yea Thats Definitly Pokemon trainer.

Does that rule out Ness as unlockable, probably not. And maybe its just me but I kinda just assumed Jigglypuff was gonna be around, its probably the first unlock again. Same with Luigi, I'm just assuming he is gonna be an unlockable too.

abbottry4832d ago

Look at the first picture, and it's no doubt PT. Now, look at the second picture, the circled one, and that pic is different. Ness. This was one of the first things said last night when this came out on the gamfaqs boards.

Blank10174831d ago

maybe my eyes suck, but I cant really see a difference on those damned tiny picture. But I can make out the word "PSI" as part of the upgrade, and I dont see how that would help the poke trainer. So maybe you are right.

not that I was really ever a fan of playing as Ness.

iceman29294831d ago

im pretty sure that lucario isnt playable, i rember reading a while back that he is one of the pokemon from the pokeballs ( just like the groudon we also saw in the video)

abbottry4831d ago

near or around the time of this leak. A leading Pok'e'mon developer named Serebii, who has his own website, revealed that Lucario and Jiggs will be unlockable. He would know. Case closed.

Kami4831d ago (Edited 4831d ago )

im pretty sure he is playable. and the socond game mew2 sucked balls and lucaorio is going be ok because its a fighting pokemon with powers like hadukens(aka energy balls in the game, so think ryu)i think if its a playable character its going to work pretty well.

TwissT4831d ago

I disagree Mewtwo was an awesome character, not as a championship high tier character but I found him really fun to play as, and he also had the most kick @ss throws.

Omegasyde4831d ago

$^$#^$#$^B# I am still going to get the game, but man megaman would be icing on the cake!

Hopefully Capcom puts him on the corner for Nintendo to pick up.

mr_potato4831d ago

Well they couldn't possibly cut Jiglypuff.

As for the other 2 im sceptic.

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The story is too old to be commented.