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Another great Review of DMC4

"So this day finally came. About 15 hours ago, a box came in. That box contained 2 disc boxes, both marked "Devil May Cry 4?. One was for the Xbox 360, and the other for PlayStation 3.

And I finally beat it. Guess which one? "

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CeruleanSky5990d ago

"And I finally beat it. Guess which one?"

No one cares.

Just like no one cares about a game that is gimped to run on the Xbox 360's smaller than last gen 7gig DVD discs, no standard harddrive, and wimpy graphics hardware.

When DMC was released on the PS2 years ago it looked and played like a real next gen game because it wasn't gimped to run on the Dreamcast.

Capcom's once great reputation is ruined until they can demonstrate they can make a real next gen game and not more last gen looking crap based off their tired old Lost Planet engine.

power of Green 5990d ago (Edited 5990d ago )

I don't understand the DreamCast was more powerful. Hmmm.

EDIT below: It was a valid reply to a flame post, you need to be talking to the guy above me not I. lol

zambrota5990d ago

you are giving xboxers bad name.

ps3 is already around the lifetime sales of dreamcast (10 million)

Plus dont want to start an arguement but you do know who could possibly own 2008 just like we knew who could win 2007 atleast in software sales.

why post flamebait comments and loose bubbles?

Tsukasah5990d ago (Edited 5990d ago )

Cerulean is wrong, actually. The DC was much more powerful than the PS2. Oh, and the 360 has a stronger GPU. The PS3 is still much, much stronger when using the Cell and RSX together, and correctly. Also, this game wasn't entirely downgraded, just ported to 360. I am Anti-Microsoft, but unlike you, I'm not an idiot.


I'm pretty sure the DC is better than the PS2. I mean look at the differences in graphics. Sonic Adventure looks a helluva lot better than almost all PS2 games I've played. I think the only thing more advanced in the PS2 was the disk drive.

xionpunk5990d ago (Edited 5990d ago )

@ PoG. The dreamcast was more powerful than the ps2? don't really believe that do you?
Maybe I'm wrong but aren't the ps2 specs better than DC's?

Ju5990d ago

Hm, I don't think that the DC is more powerful then the PS2. Both use a ~200MHz cpu. While this is an SH4 (a 32bit RISC cpu) in the DC Sony used an extended MIPS core with 128 bit register extensions (actually at 294MHz), +2 vector cores, one attached to the CPU, the other as a copro closer to the GS. The GS is attached to the CPU thru a 2560 bit bus. That's where the PS2 gets its bandwidth from. On the other hand, the DC runs a PowerVR arcade chip. The PowerVR chip has its advantages, especially in its ability to do tiled based rendering. The DC had 16MB main mem, 4MB video and 2 for sound and supported HW texture compression (BTW: I am still looking for a Dreamcast which can run linux and a network adapter. I can't get mine to boot that linux image - anyone ?). The PS2 uses 32MB RDRAM (rambus) memory with a bandwidth of about 3.2GB/sec (which is still high, even today). The GS has its own 4MB eDRAM framebuffer with internal bandwidth of about 38GB/s (!). PS2 uses a 24xCD/4xDVD drive, DC a GDROM (basically a CD ROM which can store 1GB data).
So, I don't know, I'd say the PS2 is pretty much ahead of it.

RecSpec5990d ago

Hooray for technical mumbo-jumbo

Tsukasah5990d ago

The DC can run linux? How? Are you talking about on a live cd or something? I have my DC still, but I had to take the lid off because it would make the disk stop spinning (for some reason) but anyways enlighten me on this linux with DC! :D First Ubuntu Linux on my PC and PS3. To have it on the DC would be great.

Oh, and just out of plain curiosity. Are the PSO servers still up?(For DC) I heard something not too long ago that someone made their own server for it since they couldn't get off the game(I don't blame them).

Ju5989d ago

DC Linux: Take a look here: http://linuxdc.sourceforge.... (interestingly that page got just

There's no live or distro available. Probably a bootable CD image somewhere. But its more directed to people who who want to play around with a small embedded linux box. Someone even made it a router. To boot that image you need to scramble and what not and AFAIS you need a specific version to boot it. I think needs to be an NTSC version (mine is a PAL, should try to get one fro ebay). I am pretty sure I did everything right, (compiled the kernel, built the ISO, scrambled it, etc) but I couldn't get it to boot yet.

(oops, that was so offtopic, but I thought some might be interested).

TheXgamerLive5989d ago

But, even that was minor, as both version looked 95% identical.

Yes, the ps3 version was ported to the Xbox 360 as the ps3 was it's original platform, DUH!:))

Buy either version that you wish, it's still going to be the same game.

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ngg123455990d ago

bioshock. 2 of the best games this gen. IMO 3rd and 4th best game this gen right behind bioshock, and smg

zambrota5990d ago

Gears of War, BioShock, Uncharted, Ratcher & Clank


no fanboyism aside

Joey Gladstone5990d ago

"Devil May Cry 4 is just ment to be played on the PlayStation 3. It just feels… dunno - more comfortable, more responsive?".........
.....Sounds good......
..."The JOEY has Spoken"

power of Green 5990d ago

Just his opinion and preference. 360 owners won't know any better as PS3 fans didn't know any better when playing COD4.

RecSpec5990d ago

Haha, power of green, you inadvertently just shot down 95 percent of all xbot arguments that have been made over the last year. Kudos to you.

Bathyj5989d ago

He sure did. Bookmark this page for future reference.

According to POG Halo isn't that good a shooter. Xbots just dont know any better.
Forza isn't a good racer. They just dont know any better.

Dont worry I wont attack titles that are actually good games and if you dont like it, hey, talk to your leader.

PS, I own all the consoles and play them too (well, I dont play Wii) so I know better than you POG, and dont tell me you have a PS3 because you wouldn't keep one in your house if you won it free.

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TheExecutive5990d ago

hmm... sounds good but this guy is in love with the game! we shall see what others say.