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Jdash245546d ago

That has to be too good to be true............those scans are fake right?

Rikitatsu5546d ago

Check the Thread, someone said that he got the magazine, and the other guy confirmed it

zambrota5546d ago (Edited 5546d ago )

omg so excited!!

2008 kicks off with a bang with Dmc4,burnout and now the MEGA MGS4 DEMO!!!!

Bill Gates5546d ago

Believe it gamers. This is coming late February, and will be released late March.

Jdash245546d ago

damn then....i cant wait for february :)

Joey Gladstone5546d ago (Edited 5546d ago )

its only equals set to release appear to be Resistance 2........and maybe Fallout
.."The JOEY has Spoken"

TheExecutive5546d ago

That face makes me want to punch babies.

Assassin4hire5546d ago

its finally coming...cant wait..its gonna be the best game of this gen

n_n5546d ago

this is going to be crazy! i bet the PSN will overload when this drops

C_SoL5546d ago

Come on u see me here frontin for some bubbles now.....

Ben10545546d ago

i brought the mag just over a week ago and it said "expect a demo next month on the ps store"
so yep its true

sonarus5546d ago

offcourse a demo will come. expected the demo after release though but bring it.

Lifendz5546d ago

it really is. I don't know how you guys can hate on this system. It does so many things and now the bigs are rolling out. Here's to what may be Sony's best year ever. PS3 in '08!

IzKyD13315546d ago

where did this magazine get this info?

tk5546d ago

I agree with the comment... that face really just wants me to hit something. And the stupid "Duhh has spoken" at the bottom - it makes me want to really kak in my pants.

Ben10545297d ago

you all feel dumb, no demo never came HaHA

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conjurdevil5546d ago

though it does say it will be available on psn store!! I mean if thats true god bless konami!!

MaximusPrime5546d ago

this news needed to be treated as "rumor".

I would love to see it happen in Feb but i dont think so.

zambrota5546d ago

since a playable demo was there at GDC last year

so why not release that same demo on PSN store

But in anyform it is a MEGATON NEWS

BIGGEST game of 2008 comes to ps3 in the form of demo even at the beginning of 2008


Rythrine5546d ago

Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. They had the playable version over at GDC so its a possibility that same demo would end up in PSN.

Cwalat5546d ago

considering that the demo was playable 3 months ago, I think its not rumor and that konami wants to provide something, before they announce another delay till may...

Ben10545546d ago

i brought the mag just over a week ago and it said "expect a demo next month on the ps store"
they said you get to play the level that got previewed at a game show dont ask which i forgot,

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Salvadore5546d ago

But when is the title bound to release?

INehalemEXI5546d ago

I think its slated for june or july release can't recall which month exactly.

TheExecutive5546d ago

They are bug testing now... do you think they will test for bugs for 7 months?

TheExecutive5546d ago

Would that be february or March? What month is this magazine in? If its march thats totally believable. Depending on when it is released (given its a march demo) it will be 2-4 weeks after that when the game is actually launched. April anyone?

TheExecutive5546d ago

I guess that depends on how the bug testing is going. June is pry a little late in the year, it could happen but april or may sounds about right.