[Rant] Support Video Games: Get a Library Card

Mike talks about how modern libraries are ideal locations for video games, and how gamers can be part of the future of both.

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barb_wire2323d ago

Not one of the local libraries by me carry video games - plenty of new age jazz music CD's though..

If I want to rent I have 3 choices..

Family Video (all the Blockbusters except 1 are all closed, same goes for Hollywood Video)


or Gamefly

WeskerChildReborned2323d ago

I don't even know if my library carrys any games, all i remember was that they carried spanish VHS movies but i guess i'll have to check it out.

stephmhishot2323d ago

My library has a small collection of games, but some gems have come through, Portal 2, R+C ACIT, Modnation.

metsgaming2323d ago

Mine didnt have games but it had a renovation and will open soon maybe they added them? They used to have DVD's, hopefully they added Blu ray as well. If they actually add games and had a collection worth playing that would be amazing.