Helldivers 2 Star Wars Mod Looks Pretty Insane

Star Wars is coming to Helldivers 2, unofficially that is, as a new mod revamps in-game models and sends players to a galaxy far, far, away.

thejigisup34d ago

To you. What makes them interesting?

repsahj34d ago

This is the reason they cancel the psn link.


Helldivers 2’s SEAF Artillery is Only as Valuable as Squads Want It to Be

Helldivers 2's SEAF Artillery is one of its most cerebral side objectives, but only if players take the time to make it worthwhile strategically.

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jznrpg47m ago

There usually not much of a choice for the shells you get. I always go for mini nuke,napalm,static field and high explosive. Sometimes you have to settle on regular explosive or smoke. It’s sort of random what shells you are given but that’s how I choose them. I always do side objectives as they give you extra xp and I’m not anywhere near max level


Helldivers 2 dev responds to complaints Patrol Spawns are worse

The Helldivers 2 community manager has responded to complaints that the updated Patrol spawn rate is even worse and too difficult.

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DustMan2d ago

Didn't have any issues with enemy spawns after the patch. Me and a friend were able to complete a suicide operation as a duo. Maybe ran into a handful of encounters that were true grinds. What I'm assuming is that people aren't actually moving away from an engagement they will not win. Getting overwhelmed? Throw a orbital laser, or a couple air strike and move on. You may have a hulk or two follow, but with distance between you and them they aren't trouble. Also, do not sleep on the expendable anti-tank. It's part of my loadout now consistently because you don't really have to worry about picking your secondary up every single time you die. Plus if your carrying one, and then drop it's stratagem you've got 3 shots you can pull off relatively quickly. They knock out gunships in one shot. Just got to learn how to arch the longer shots.

jznrpg22h ago

That’s one thing I always notice with a lot of random groups. They just sit there and fight and fight unending swarms shooting mainly with their primaries. Run n Gun is the name of the game. Like you said throw and orbital or eagle then run and kite the mobs that follow and take ‘em out one by one while your moving. If you have a sentry throw that down and keep running.

Doomeduk21h ago

That's the great thing about HELLDIVERS the wide ranging mix of load outs and strategies at disposal and all work do I take a stratagem flamethrower or hope to pick something up and take an extra orbital instead ? Stun grenade or impact ? even placement of cannons needs to be thought about considering Bugs or Robots

Bathyj15h ago

I managed a suicide solo run which is what I generally play on. I don't think it's harder.

jznrpg22h ago(Edited 22h ago)

They don’t seem worse. They haven’t changed much if anything.


Helldivers 2 How to Get and Use SG-22 Bushwhacker

A new Secondary has arrived to Helldivers 2 and it is devastating.