DmC’s Dante isn’t gay, he’s just the victim of sensationalist demon news

When the news anchor in this Devil May Cry trailer called Dante a “sexual deviant,” the connotations of such a phrase harkened back to eras of gross intolerance of homosexuality in the 70s and 80s, and led us and others on Twitter to question if this new Dante might, himself, be gay.

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jc485732324d ago (Edited 2324d ago )

the more fans hate, the more Antoniades is going to attempt to make Dante really gay. I see how it is.

BoNeSaW232324d ago (Edited 2324d ago )

He is TOTALLY Gaaaaay!
If I see him on the street, I'm gonna bash him! /s

Lame article.

Colonel_Dante2324d ago

Judging by how Ninja Theory has messed up the cannon, It wouldnt surprize me if Dante is gay here, and Elton John has a cameo in the game.

Hicken2323d ago

Hey, don't disrespect Elton John by putting him in the same category with this horrible excuse for a character redesign.

wishingW3L2324d ago

The new Dante is not gay, he just enjoys his sexuality with an open mind. XD

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The story is too old to be commented.