Supreme Commander on Xbox 360 Previewed by Shacknews

Despite the modern real-time strategy game being heavily defined by Techno Soft's Genesis game Herzog Zwei, most console takes on the genre have been considerably less than successful, mainly due to the control differences between a cursor-driven mouse and a directional analog stick.

Hellbent Games is trying to be an exception to that general rule with its upcoming Xbox 360 version of Gas Powered Games' large-scale sci-fi RTS, Supreme Commander. Shacknews got a demonstration of and some hands-on time with the game this week, and they are happy to report that it seems to be a step in the right direction--primarily because of a feature that remains largely unchanged from the PC version: strategic zoom.

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JsonHenry4668d ago

Wow, the screens look like trash compared to my PC version of the game. : (

I guess that is what limited RAM will do to you.

Charlie26884668d ago (Edited 4668d ago )

Pretty much as I predicted the game was scaled down and the micro management was slightly simplified (still have to see how much is "slightly") also if the screens are any indication of the final graphics they did mess with the graphics from what it looks like it will be a mix between medium and some high setting from the PC version

The framerate might seem like it wont be a problem due to the game being scaled down

and remember if this is your first time playing this game and you are getting the 360 version cuz you think you were OK on the other console RTS remember Sup Com has a higher learning curve in terms of mass unit managing specially if you are not a RTS veteran

JsonHenry4668d ago

It looks more like low-medium. The textures look like crap. (check the close up screens) But to be honest, you spend so much time zoomed out on this game you probably wont notice unless the terrain looks horrible as well.

It does have a steep learning curve compared to other RTSes on the market - but only because it has so many features. Which is worth the learning curve.

f4nb0i4668d ago

Think I'll keep the PC version, kkthnxnps

TheIneffableBob4668d ago

How nice of them releasing screenshots of the final UEF mission where you have to defend a Black Sun, a weapon that is used in the final cutscene to destroy the Aeon's and Cybran's planets, ensuring UEF victory.

Bladestar4668d ago (Edited 4668d ago )

Here are the requirements for the PC:

Microsoft®Windows®X P Service Pack 2, or Vista
3.0 GHz Intel or equivalent AMD processor or better
1 GB RAM or better
10 GB available hard drive space
256 MB video RAM, with DirectX 9Vertex Shader / Pixel Shader 2.0 support (Nvidia 6800 or better)

that's more than 1GB + 256MB of memory to run the game...
So, if they had to dumb down the texture a bit.. big deal! I am an RTS fan... and I rather they dumb down this game a bit instead of dumming it down to the point they dummed down the PS3 version.... PS3 version dumb down to the maximun.... non-existent... lol.

Lord Cheese4668d ago

To be fair i think their reasons behind not working on a ps3 version yet are perfectly justified. A pc -> 360 conversion (as far as i know) is widely recognised as far easier than a pc -> ps3 conversion, and that coupled with the larger installed user base means a lesser cost and greater chance of profit.

I'm sure when the ps3 user base reaches a level where the release would be viable, they will reconsider its release on the platform - although there are no rts' games on the ps3 yet.