What now for THQ's last games?

VideoGamer: "Now that the last of THQ's remaining assets have finally been sold, VideoGamer.com takes a look at what the future might hold for these franchises."

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pop-voxuli4015d ago

I'm just glad "Stick of Truth" is gone.

BldyShdw4014d ago

Actually Ubisoft is publishing it now.

Agent_hitman4014d ago

I feel sad for THQ.. I have a question, is "Saint's Row" franchise owned by THQ as well?.

BldyShdw4014d ago (Edited 4014d ago )

It was sold to Deep Silver (Dead Island Publisher) and they are publishing the 4th, not sure if they are developing it as well or not.


Red Faction Needs To Make A Comeback

TheGamer Writes "No more nerdy or serious games set on the Red Planet, send me back to that destructive sandbox."

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isarai439d ago

It would be a perfect time with the huge leap in cpu power these consoles have over previous generations

porkChop439d ago

Yes please. Guerilla was a great game. The destruction in that game is still better than most. Maybe Volition can go back to it and let Saints Row rest for a while.

Vengeance1138439d ago (Edited 439d ago )

Yes! More players young and old need to play and respect the franchise that literally invented destructible environments!

BlaqMagiq1439d ago

Would love a REAL Red Faction 4 (the one Volition REALLY wanted to make and not Armageddon) or a Red Faction 1 remake.


These games deserve the VR treatment the most

From Xfire: "VR still has massive untapped potential, but finally the medium is starting to become more mainstream - here are some IPs that should make the leap."

ApocalypseShadow883d ago

Interesting list but I'd sure make a better one of most wanted.

JustSomeGuy94882d ago

I'd love a VR red dead redemption


An intro to Biomutant

Alex & Mike talk Biomutant, a game from Experiment 101/THQ Nordiq you likely have not heard of. While the AAA side of the industry tends to homogenization and imitative, cinematic presentation, “AA” games remain creative and innovative in 2021. Drawing on inspirations as varied as Dark Souls, third person shooters & kung fu cinema, Biomutant is Ratchet & Clank on acid, developed by a team of 20 people.

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