Kojima will attend E3, followed by a signing event in New York

The business card already sort of gave it away, but Kojima confirmed on his English Twitter account that he will be attending E3 this year. Last year he was absent from the show, but now he will be there, probably to promote Metal Gear Rising among other things.

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Snookies122335d ago

Kojima should be like... The Emperor of Japan... He's THAT awesome.

Snookies122335d ago

Don't get me wrong, Miyamato is amazing as well, it's just that in terms of badassery, the man who created Solid Snake is king.

Agent_00_Revan2334d ago

Only one way to solve this. Ninja Battle!!

JellyJelly2335d ago

I wonder if he will sign my manboobs.

Snookies122335d ago

If he does will you sell them to me on Ebay?

redDevil872335d ago

I just had an image of you presenting them to him and a big "!" appreared over his head lol

Alos882335d ago

Kojima: *sigh* Why do only the guys ever ask me to do this?

josephayal2335d ago

Looks like Metal Gear 4 is coming to XBOX 360

Blacktric2335d ago

It's been nearly 4 years since its release. Give up already. Besides, you are most likely getting the next Metal Gear Solid game on Xbox 360 anyway.

wenaldy2335d ago

Welcome to N4G, first of all you shouldn't take josephayal seriously.

blackstrr4112335d ago

We still want it. But its not feasible because its basicly an ad for blu ray, sony, ps1 ps2 and ps3. We do have the best one in the series imo Snake Eater. :D.

Blacktric2335d ago (Edited 2335d ago )

mfw someone who joined 400 days later than me says "welcome to N4G"...

ScubaSteve12335d ago

Why new York? New York already had there turn. Come to Chicago , Illinois kojima

Crystallis2335d ago

If he just shows a ZOE3 CGI trailer I will just die. I'll be happy with just that.