Starhawk Patch 1.01.001 Now Live, Has A Ton Of Fixes

If you purchased Starhawk this month and were unhappy with some of the balancing issues found in the game, developer Lightbox Interactive has introduced a host of changes and fixes today.

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Godmars2902423d ago

Hopefully this will fix tank and bomb rape.

BringingTheThunder2423d ago

it seems so based on the notes

JoGam2423d ago

This is what Ive been waiting for. Now I hope this balance the game like Warhawk. Thank you God!

rajman2423d ago (Edited 2423d ago )

The majority of these fixes (including tank and cluster bomb) were implemented in Update 1.01.001 last week. Have you seen any reduction in tank rape since then? I still see it alot.
Im surprised they still havent nerfed the hawks Flak pickup, those are soo can take down a hawk by flying near one and simple firing 3 times, and since the blast radius is big its very hard to miss

terrordactyl2423d ago


1.01.001 came out a few hours ago, not last week. There's another patch at 4 a.m. tomorrow too.

rajman2423d ago

My mistake, I forgot that this patch was revealed last week but didnt go live until today

terrordactyl2423d ago

Played it with the patch for a couple of hours. Didn't see any base raping or even many tanks at all.

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BringingTheThunder2423d ago

wow, lots of stuff was changed

Myst2423d ago

Good lord welp time to give Ghost Recon a break and jump back into Starhawk then.

neutralgamer192423d ago

Sounds like a well thought out patch. Im liking what i see.

kostchtchie_2423d ago

these guys always come through, good to see developers listening to the community

BringingTheThunder2423d ago

yeah, they always supported warhawk so itll be supported for awhile

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