Armored Core 4, First 360 Screens

Check our the first screens of Armored Core 4 on the Xbox 360.

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TheMART5858d ago

Now there you go: another PS exclusive taken away by the 360

And the list is growing and growing. Japanese developpers are jumping in and leaving Sony with their support

Genki5858d ago (Edited 5858d ago )

said that more games for each system was a good thing, and you disagreed, and it was about the same game, no less! This hypocritical comment proves otherwise.

TheMART5858d ago

Oh no I still stand with that comment.

I was saying that the console is made of exclusives. 360 has a lot of them. PS3 is loosing them by the day.

So multiplatform titles are allright, but exclusives make the difference to buy a certain console. And this is one less for PS so more and more reasons to stay away from it.

So learn to read before you say something is hypocricy man

kmis875857d ago

Mart, learn to spell before you type.

Geohound5858d ago

anyway, i love that font used in the second screenshot. What is it? I would like to see some gameplay... i enjoyed the AC series on the PS1, hope they've improve the controls a bit.

f1r3waII K1LL3r5858d ago

I really hope they can finally succeed in making a great mech game.

Eternal E 8085858d ago

interested in it when it was just on the ps3 and still aint when its on the 360.

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