Ripten's Uncharted Interview Tease: "The Machine is a Beast"


"We are very lucky at Ripten to be joined by Naughty Dog's Lead Character Artist, Richard Diamant, for an exclusive interview about his work on Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. Richard also divulges on the game's art style, animation, and technical details never revealed before. After his views on improvements for Naughty Dog's next game, we wander onto the advantages of Blu-ray and their relationship with Insomniac. Enjoy this preview of our three part interview."

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PStriple7034670d ago

you darn right it's a beast and so is uncharted

BrianC62344670d ago

I think anyone who questions the power of the PS3 should check out Heavenly Sword. I recently started playing it again to try and finish it and I couldn't believe the fight scene towards the end. It's the one where you have to kill 500 soldiers. They're surrounding you on the screen. I never saw a single problem with the video during that fighting. Maybe Heavenly Sword should get talked about more. It is a short game but what's there is really good. I don't think any other console could handle that fight scene.

Shankle4670d ago

There was a problem with Heavenly Sword - I found myself trying to get through the levels as quickly as I could so I could get to a cutscene. Yes, it's partly because loads of the cutscenes are hilarious, but also because the gameplay is a bit naff.

BrianC62344670d ago

"but also because the gameplay is a bit naff."

A bit naff? Does that mean too much fun? I really liked the gameplay in Heavenly Sword. Especially the parts where you guide the arrows at the enemies. The motion controls in Heavenly Sword were really good.

Shankle4669d ago

The gameplay was fun for a while but ended up being repetitive and limited.

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techie4670d ago

There's two whole questions and answers here - so looks like an interview to me. Already better than some of the other crap interviews that have made it onto here.

HowarthsNJ4670d ago (Edited 4670d ago )

I find it interesting that ND raised the polycount for their models while COD4's IW lowered their polycount and used just normals mapping to create all the surface details.

I know ND used normals mapping too, but it would be nice to know what the benefits to each method are. Both look great.

titntin4669d ago

To explain the differences between normal mapping and actualy having more polygons is difficult without showing you pictures!

Imagine a sphere thas fairly low polygon - if you ignore surface deatils for the moment, just looking at the edges, the profile of it as it sits on its background colour, you can see that it's made of straight edges. Increase the number of polygons that constitute the sphere to high level, and theres so many straight edges that the profile looks smooth and curved, even though in reality its still made up from lots and lots of staright edges.

The other issue with low polgon detail, is to do with the way light reacts and falls over a surface. Normally the lighting is calculated for each polygonal face on the surface, so for a low polygon model, there are a lot less lighting calculations and the result is that light doesn't scatter over a surface as smoothly and realistically as you would want. With a much higher polygon count, theres a lot more lighting 'samples' and the resulting lighting is smoother.
Normal mapping, stops a rendering engine from calculating its lighting based on the angle of a polyigonal face. Instead a model has a 'texture assigned to it in a similar way to the maerial texture, but this 2D texture map tells the rendering engine how to light the model at that point. So the 'smoothness' of the lighting is no longer controlled by each face and its angle to the light, but is rather controlled by each pixel value supplied by the 'normal map', so it the resolution of the lighting calculation is now controlled by the number of texture pixels on the surface of the model, rather than the number of polyginal faces it contructed off. This allows you 'draw' features that are not actually modelled into the model at all - so when you see lots of material folds and stiching seams in clothes, or lots craggy lines in an old face, these details are not physically present in the model - they are supplied by the normal map, and as such, they light realistically and behave as if they were phyiscally based.

Normal mapping has been a revelation for graphic fidelity in this generation of machines, and brings fantastically detailed models that light correctlty into our games. But it does not help the issue of straight edged profile. To take our case of the low poloygon sphere I mentioned earlier, you can apply a fantatically detailed normal map to it to make its surface look amazingly craggy as if make of millions of polygons - but the profile edges of the sphere will still have straight line edges.
So to achieve the kind of results they have got with uncharted's charcters, you need a very high polgon count so that you can't see straight lines when looking at the edge profile, and additionally yoiu can add extra details like facial creases with a normal map.

I hope this long winded explanation gives you some insight - I did my best to keep it brief and I simplified some of the concepts a bit!

Gamingisfornerds4670d ago

How more often is someone from Naughty Dog going to repeat this pure marketing babble. This is ridiculous, honestly.

We know, the PS3 is very powerfull. I love my PS3 too, but this is just laying it on a bit too thick.

techie4670d ago (Edited 4670d ago )

Have you read the interview? Doesn't sound like it. Sound's like you only read the title like the typical bottom of the barrel scum we get on N4g.

So you come on. How many times have we heard drones arguing about a title?

mullet4670d ago

They could say whatever the hell they want about it although I'd rather hear more about Uncharted 2.

techie4670d ago (Edited 4670d ago )

By the sounds of it...I think that's to come mullet.

Gamingisfornerds4670d ago (Edited 4670d ago )

Now if they actually gave some decent info on Uncharted 2 It'd be more than welcome, but this nonsense? Please.

Sorry for hurting your feelings, but this is spam. Period.

"Sound's like you only read the title like the typical bottom of the barrel scum we get on N4g."

Lol, whatever dude. I think you could do with some self-reflection and read up on some of my posting here on N4G.

chrno64670d ago

u know...the whole interview is not just about him praising the ps3. It's only 1 of the 99 things he talks about in the interview.

techie4670d ago (Edited 4670d ago )

spam? You're spam. This is just a snippet of the full interview as far as I can tell, and I'm glad they let me know about this interview, because I'm sure I would have missed it tomorrow.

The only nonsense in here is your spiel. So now you've read it, how much is the interview about "the power of the PS3"? Not very much is it. PFT.

Gamingisfornerds4670d ago

It just shows the kind of environment N4G really is. and it's not healthy.

Why won't we just start posting previews of previews of interviews next. And what about rumours of previews of interviews coming?!

Again, if you can't see what's wrong with posting stuff like this. We're done talking here.

techie4670d ago (Edited 4670d ago )

Quit changing the subject. This is fine for n4g, in fact it's so much above the general content - even if it is a "preview" that I'm surprised you even care.

ps. I care not of your "reputation". You want n4g history? You're looking at it.

Anego Montoya FTMFW4670d ago

Gamingisfornerds IS spam.

deep FTMFW.

The_Engineer4670d ago

of lame attempt at damage control? sit back and watch the PS3 train pass you by, kid.

titntin4669d ago

Are you for real?
A small snippet of an interview it may be, but its by far the most interesting thing I've read today on N4G. As a games artist myself I'm blown away by the revelation that their character models are up to 30K polygons.
That's insane, and for me at least, news I'm actually intrested in instead more fan boy flame bait like most of the poor submissions here.

If you don't find the news interesting, then simply pass it by and leave it to those of us who have found it intresting.

The fact you've found it necessary to comment in here 3 times when you don't even find the story intresting, is a pretty sad reflection on your social life...:)

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just like the first resident evil , everybody should play this game just once to see how incredible it is .

AceLuby4670d ago

And just like RE, I found it very difficult to not play it again once I was finished...

krik4670d ago


So true :)
Bubbles for you. This is a game that deserves to be played. I actually got all 1000 medals points in 2 runs and a few extra chapter to finish some achievements. My total play time with the game was upwards of 25 hours... not bad for $60.

OldGamer4670d ago

I agree. Love it and can't wait for part 2.

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