Eve Adams Frags The Competition With Style

DLYDJ writes: In this week’s installment of VIRGINIA SLIMS, we get introduced to Eve Adams who let’s us know what videogame she’d like to get lost in, who she would cosplay at this year’s Comic Con, and explains how she lost her video game virginity. Enjoy!

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GamingPerson2342d ago

More sexy girls playing games! The world is becoming a better place!

Tameel12342d ago

I love a girl who ain't afraid to show off her 'fro. Screw the magazines who say a lady's hair should never be frizzy or untamed. Natural haired girls are gorgeous too!

adamant7152342d ago

Video Game virginity?

Da fuck

ATi_Elite2342d ago

She said she would get busy with Sonya Blade!

"WET NAP needed NOW"