Spinning Its Web: The Top Five Spider-Man Games (

Which of the web-slinger's adventures made the number one slot?!

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Jaxboxchick2366d ago

I've never been much of a spider man game fan, but I do think the movies are quite sexay.

CoolBeansRus2366d ago

You should try the games! They are fun and some of them are very well made.

antz11042365d ago

Wow, this is a terrible list. Spider-Man 2 and Ultimate are really the only good one on there.

Total fail for no Spider-Man for PS1, Maximun Carnage (even though it got a mention), and especially Web of Shadows. Shattered Dimensions was horrible.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2366d ago

Spider-man for ps1
Spider-man 2 for ps1
Spider-man the movie for ps2

Those are the top three. The open world era was fun for swinging around but that's pretty much the only thing they got right. The combat was garbage and they don't focus enough on the stealthy side of spider-man. Here's hoping that the Amazing Spider-Man gets it right.

Kevin ButIer2366d ago

I totally loved Maximun Carnage game, it was sooo good for its time, its a clasic.

roadkillers2365d ago

How did you have time to play NES when you were working your way up the Playstation corporate ladder? You really can do it all!

SilentNegotiator2365d ago (Edited 2365d ago )

Spiderman on N64/Ps1 definitely takes the cake.

Rupee2366d ago

I was scared they had "friend or foe" on the list lol. I loved spider-man 2 though. I used to get on that game just to swing around the city.

Looking forward to the new game. Don't know if I'm the only one but I'm not really liking the new outfit.

JsonHenry2366d ago

My favorite (for its time) was Spiderman: Separation Anxiety back in the day.

dooge2365d ago

Yup, mine too. Spiderman and Venom teaming up...Beast.

MySwordIsHeavenly2366d ago

Web of Shadows has the best gameplay, BY FAR. The best story goes to Ultimate Spider-man though. :)

antz11042365d ago

Great story, hands down the best combat system.

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