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User Review : Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

  • Audio-visual presentation{Gameplay{Story
  • long cutscenes

Fans of the action/adventure genre must not miss out on this game.


The general presentation of guns of the patriots is very good. Menu are well designed and the interface is pretty sleek and very well polished. Graphics are one of the best out there. The character models in particular are very well done, they look distinct and natural. The environments are not only highly detailed they are greatly varied too, The environment varies from cityscape to jungles to dusty middle eastern city. The frame rates hold even with heavy onscreen action. The game also boast a good physics engine so locomotion and movement feels natural. The animations are equally impressive. A lot of attention has been paid to the overall polish; In short Guns of the patriot is a visually stunning game.

The sound is an important asset of the game. The game features a great original score, some very good sound effects and the return of some of the series best music. The voice acting is no exception. The sound direction in general is much better than most games on the market

The series has always offered compromised game-play and the forth installment is no exception either. Greatly varied and unique game-play is on offer here. Top notch stealth mechanics blended with third person shooting complement each another well. The experience is rewarding and satisfying. Excellent vehicle/chase sequences and set pieces remind you every now and then that the game is well ahead of the pack. The boss battles are simply awe-inspiring, very few game even come near to what is on offer here, each battle has a unique taste. The controls have been improved a lot too. The camera is fully controllable this time around and more importantly the controls feel responsive. You can do much more while pressing fewer buttons. The controls have been greatly improved.

A powerful and moving yet a little over-the-top story wraps-up the saga. The characters are memorable. I played the game twice, but I can see my self revisiting the game to gain the highest rank. I don't know much about the online component.

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the patriot is perhaps the best action adventure I have played ever. It has a mature story and the game is genuinely fun to play. Highly recommended to fans of the action adventure genre.

Played the game on a 29 inch SDTV.

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