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User Review : Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary

  • A great remake of one of the best games ever made
  • It still plays beautifully.
  • Incredible soundtrack.
  • Graphics don't look as good as Halo: Reach's.
  • Repetetive level design in the latter half of the game.
  • Oh yeah, remember Cortana used to look like that?

"Ooh, stuck it again."

This game is freaking sweet, I was running down this hallway and this dinosaur thing was all like "Wot, wot, wot," so I shot him in his sexy face, then I was in a desert with Apollo Creed sniping bad guys and he was like "Lay down some cover fire, Super Chief," but I didn't know what 'cover fire' meant so I reloaded the checkpoint and just hoped he wouldn't ask again.

This game lets you drive cars but only in the game, sometimes you can be driving along when some Australian guys hop in and say something like "Let's get going, Massive Cheek," naturally I assumed they were criminals so I calmly asked, "Where to gentlemen?" before driving my car full speed towards a cliff and jumping out just in time, "Not today you kangaroo fu****s."

The graphics in this game are pretty good but there is alot of texture pop in, I was under the impression that the game was going to use the Halo: Reach engine but instead it looks like it was developed by guys who had only seen Halo: Reach from 200 yards away. You can also play the game with the old graphics engine if you want to see how stupid and easily impressed you were in 2001.

The guns in this game are as sweet as they are many (There are 8) and shooting bad guys in the body always feels great. There is no recoil from any of the guns either so you always hit your target just like in real life. Sometimes you have to reload the guns.

One time I was playing the game when my friend Dwane walked in and he was all like "Yo dawg, let's hit up the co-op mode," and I was like "I've only got one controller," and he was like "Ok, I'll go home and get mine." When Dwane got back we started a split-screen game and had a blast, Dwane was like "Dude, Halo is the best co-op game ever," and I was like "Dwane, we stopped playing 6 hours ago, go home."

The music in this game is stunning, it's like a mixture of funk, tribal and classical music all rolled into one, no other game series utilizes music as well as the Halo games, Bungie really understands that when used correctly, music can take the action to a whole new level.

You can use a Kinect with this game but I don't have a Kinect because I'm not braindead.

Overall, Halo Anniversary is a great update of a tremendous game, but games have moved on quite a bit since 2001 and some elements of Halo's once legendary campaign now feel a little dated, however, Halo's core mechanics are so tight and well constructed that the game becomes an almost transcendent experience, and very few games, new or old, can claim to that.

Not bad but nothing special either.
Music doesn't get much more epic than this.
Modern shooters could still learn alot from this, Halo's organic set pieces will always trump Call Of Duty's scripted nonsense.
Fun Factor
How many games from 10 years ago give you this much freedom?
It's the Reach multiplayer, which is great but we all wanted classic Combat Evolved multiplayer.
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hennessey863355d ago

soon but I chose skyrim first, this game is the reason I got a xbox. The best fps last gen

ZombieAssassin3355d ago

I thought the MP was CE remastered?

coolbeans3355d ago

There's a playlist for playing it solely remastered. 1 map is integrated into Firefight, while the others can be played on normal Reach playlists.

PhantomTommy3355d ago

The 'remastered' playlist is a bit of a joke, it's basically just Halo: Reach with more powerful pistols, I'm sure there are a few more alterations to make it feel more like CE but I didn't notice any. Still fun though.

Hufandpuf3341d ago

"You can also play the game with the old graphics engine if you want to see how stupid and easily impressed you were in 2001."

Bravo, Lad!