Top 10 Best Video Game Remakes

Alex S. from Link-Cable writes: "Just a few days ago Capcom released one of the most anticipated games of the year (yes only a month in) with the remake of Resident Evil 2. And while we’re still uncovering all the secrets to be found within the ruins of Raccoon City it’s already clear that this new edition not only pays homage to the original but will go down in history as one of the best remakes of all time. But when it does come time for it to take its place on list what are the games it will have to surpass? That’s the topic of this week’s Top 10 as we revisit gaming’s best remakes and determine what is the definitive list of the best games that got re-done."

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Vanfernal1034d ago

Twin Snakes has voice acting that felt tired and they changed some lines for the worse. The cutscenes became from realistic to Hollywood level ridiculous (I'm looking at you Hind D scene where Snake jumps and bounces off a rocket and then shoots a stinger mid air) and the addition of the MGS2 gameplay made the game stupidly easy. You could just use the dart gun in first person and put everyone to sleep in the hangar with zero risk. The only real improvement was the graphics.

Swiftfox1034d ago

About Twin Snakes: "..streamlining the game-play and making just the right of improvements without fundamentally changing what made the original so good."

Oh yes. Sticking a first person mode into a game not designed for it and giving the player a ranged knock out didn't undermine the tight level design, challenge, and boss fights at all -eye roll-

Let's not forget the "Grip" meter which you can use to pass up entire areas of the game simply by dropping from a ledge.

Dialogue changes, context alterations, over the top cut-scenes bordering on full blown parody--It's one of the worst remakes in recent history. Praising it is like going up to someone who repainted the Mona Lisa like, "Thank you so much for painting a sh*t eating grin on her. What this piece really needed was less depth, less ambiguity, and to be over the top silly."

Venox20081034d ago