Halo: Combat Evolved… 14 Years Later

Halo: Combat Evolved is one of the most legendary video games ever created. Launching a new console and franchise, Bungie’s Xbox launch title is often unchallenged as a flawless masterpiece… but is it really?

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Paulhammer1119d ago

Nicely done. Great retrospective on the game that changed console FPS

XBLSkull1119d ago (Edited 1119d ago )

Still the standard to which all other shooters are measured. Game is still every bit as good as it ever was, I still run through it at least once a year. Never had a reason to even touch my PS2 after this release, it changed the game forever.

3-4-51119d ago (Edited 1119d ago )

For the time it released, it really was the game that pushed FPS games to the next level and showed us what they could be.

A lot of us went from playing Goldeneye 007, Perfect Dark & Time Splitters to playing Halo and the difference was definitely noticeable.

* I loved playing on Sidewinder I think it's called...the curved snowy map level.

Halo has also helped keep couch co-op alive....well until Halo 5 that is, but still Halo as a franchise has had a huge impact on gaming & it all started with this classic.

Early OG xbox had so many good games.

Vegamyster1119d ago

When Halo came out i had my Achilles tendons surgically stretched so for 6 weeks i played this game continuously, had so much fun :p

CuHnadian1119d ago (Edited 1119d ago )

Halo 2... 11 Years Later is currently being worked on.

Paytaa1119d ago

Still my favorite game of all time. No other game has given me the same feeling as Halo CE.

spicelicka1119d ago

Definitely, also my favourite franchise of all time.

When I watch a video on halo, i wanna play halo.

When I read about halo, I wanna play halo.

When I hear the halo music, I wanna play halo.

The magic of halo games is beyond words to explain.

Paytaa1119d ago

Damn it I hit disagree by accident but yeah I'm the same way. I have more memories with Halo than any game, movie, etc.

It's one magical franchise that I'm happy I got the privledge to grow up with.

Benchm4rk1119d ago

So im not the only one then lol

Allsystemgamer1119d ago

I bought an X1 just for MCC. I can play all the campaigns but I keep getting stuck on that stupid "downloading matchmaking" loop. Incredibly frustrating.

ThePope1119d ago

You may want to reinstall, or failing that go to the 343 forums and ask there I'm sure its an easy fix.

ElementX1119d ago

Halo was good but nothing can touch Half Life 2. I'm really looking forward to Halo 5, I still have to play through the others again in the MCC

CuHnadian1119d ago

While I don't have a favorite game of all time, Half Life 2 is definitely in the top three. Perhaps I'll do a Years Later video on that series once Halo is wrapped up.

Paytaa1119d ago

I personally think Halo and Half-Life are the two best FPS's to ever happen. Both were very revolutionary in their own right. Both universes are among some of the most interesting in overall entertainment.

Halo2ODST21119d ago

element - you best play mcc first, so you can experience the best of halo first before halo 5

user99502791119d ago (Edited 1119d ago )

with you 100%. the only game that even comes close is smb3.

I used to play the game like nothing else, over and over. Played via XBconnect before the days of Xbox Live. had a few 16 player lan parties. Played the campaign solo a million times. Modded both the campaign and multiplayer suites like crazy on console. Was my first real foray into coding and 3d modeling. also played the game on pc a ton. the game means a lot to me.

I never got the remaster on x360, so when I played through the campaign solo im the MCC with the remastered visuals, "religious experience" is about as close to an accurate description as I can get. I enjoyed it so completely I couldnt even believe is. Justified the MCC in itself. Something about the whole thing brings me to pieces. I could play The Pillar of Autumn over and over for ever.

its not even the type of thing I can accurately put into words, and I doubt many people can sympathize. but I LOVE Halo CE, in every sense of the word love. Just the musical scores in the remastered version turn me into a puddle. That moment in truth and reconciliation when you come out of the underground into the canyon with the full mood and covies fighting.... gah. ill stop now.

no wonder I love Xbox, Halo burrowed into my soul in a formative way.

Paytaa1119d ago

Believe me, I can sympathize. The game shaped part of my life. It's why I'm the gamer I am today.

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AizenSosuke1119d ago

Nostalgic beauty: two words.

N0TaB0T1119d ago

Best music, best guns, best atmosphere.

Best mod support of any game I've seen.

BlackTar1871119d ago

The handgun is the best weapon to me to this day on a FPS game.

Benchm4rk1119d ago

100% with you there. That thing is Amazing

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