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User Review : Battlefield 3

  • Frostbite 2.0
  • Co-Op
  • Dedicated Servers
  • Short campaign
  • Limited co-op missions

Amazing game...

Why do I love BF3, eh?

First off, I used to pretty much play MW2 24/7 and put about 800 hours into that game ever since launch date. I could never put that game down until I found a clan that played Bad Company 2. I had played the beta for the game and never got into it much but after I purchased the game, I immediately loved the game for what it was even though there was quite a learning curve for me.

Ever since then, I've always put my time into BF over most other FPS games. And then came BF3!! The game feels like no other game on the FPS market. It stays true to realism all the while making the game fun and tactical unlike some other "ultra realism" titles that get boring quick. BF3 keeps me engaged for hours at a time, and putting it away just makes me want to play more the next.

BF3 is obviously powered by the superior Frostbite 2.0 engine which makes a world of difference. The destruction is just fantastic and coming from BC2, they took it to a higher level. Then comes the visuals, clean and crisp as they always have and they somehow manage to maintain it while adding in vehicles and destruction and absolutely gigantic maps. The audio is downright the best in the industry. Just wearing a pair of surround sound headphones brings the battlefield to life and with every game they make, it takes you that much closer to realism. Every shot whizzing by your face, suppressing your ability to hear, making you dazed and sending you running for cover. It's simply amazing what DICE can pull off with every one of their games. Every little game mechanic is absolutely superb and with every installment, it just seems to take your breath away.

Moving onto the actual gameplay, a good game is one that gets you engaged and interested. BF3 does just that with an average of 30-40 minute Conquest & Rush matches that allow you to duke it out in a massive battlefield that is vast and ripe for squad based combat. The game offers you tactical squad combat that gives you tight knit gameplay which is absolutely required to garner your team a win. Sure you might want to go lone wolf but that's definitely not in the best interest for your team and sticking together to complete an objective seems far more appealing than going rogue. Then comes the vehicular aspect of the game. It is a complete game changer and with the re-addition of the jets, ruling the airfield is just as important as the battle underneath. Crazy tailing, swerving, maneuvering and downright chaos is what brings the game alive over most other infantry-only based games. You are given such a wide variety to choose from and so many unlocks, that you will never get bored of the game. In fact, DICE guarantees a year's worth of unlocks for every type of gamer out there. That's just amazing!!

Finally, execution. DICE ties in everything, from the multiplayer to the singleplayer and the much awaited co-op mode together very nicely. All of this along with free DLC promised to every fan with an online pass is a wonderful reward for every new purchaser of the game. You won't have to go out of your way to purchase pricey DLC packs that only add re-hashed maps with this game. No, you get a full experience added onto the game that allots you the Back to Karkand maps revisited with Frostbite 2.0 and which are revamped providing gamers with new vehicles to man, new weapons to kill with and a completely new atmosphere and playstyle to master. Oh and don't forget about Battlelog, the social network for all Battlefield 3 players. It adds that little touch of social interactivity and creation of platoons so you can hit the battlefield running!

All in all, the game gets a GOTY vote from me but with that said, it's going to be one hell of a ride for the next year or two to come. I can't wait to see what DICE have in store in terms of DLC and the next installment to the franchise.

A big KUDOS to DICE!! :D

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chretienm2522d ago

Great review buddy. :) I was also a huge MW2 player, but once I got my hands on Bad Company 2, Battlefield was the way to go!

EmperorDalek2522d ago

I don't know if I would give the graphics a 9.5 (on consoles). The mission after the jet part had tree's that had me thinking: "MGS3 on the PS2 looked better than this". Then I saw two soldiers climbing a wall next to each other at the same time, with the same animations. Parts of it look ugly and other parts look good IMO.

But other than that, good review.

EmperorDalek2518d ago (Edited 2518d ago )

Go on, tell me how i'm wrong. I just looked at a screenshot of MGS3 on the PS2, and the trees do look better. The character models are terrible, they don't even blink. And there's no player shadow (I think the gun does, though...).

Near the end of Operation Guillotine, when that guy sits at the computer, crouch and look at him. You can't tell me you didn't laugh... That is assuming you can bear playing through part of the single-player. This is easily the most boring FPS campaign iv'e ever played. I would even say MOH was much better.

So I think you need to get those BF3 goggles off. Because you CANNOT tell me it looks good. Seriously, go and look at that guy on the computer. I nearly laughed my head off.

Cosmit2522d ago

Nice review. But BF3 seems to have less destruction than Bad Company 2. But I guess the map designs couldn't really allow that for the sake of balancing.

soundslike2520d ago

co-op is great. definitely underrated. Maybe its the RPG farmer in me, but I love the idea of getting points by replaying those levels to unlock guns.

Why that unlock style isn't applied to single player FPS campaigns is beyond me, its obviously the right direction to go.

DntMessWitRohan2516d ago

Thanks for the comments folks :D